A Frightening Feast

Looking for a truly hideous Halloween? Here are some horror-show hand-outs that are cheap, fun, easy to make, and … prepare to be shocked ... hauntingly healthy! I know, frightening!!!

Sneaky Superfood School Snacks


The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

It looks like we can finally light up the barbecue this bank holiday, so I'm looking for appropriate recipes. First off, the coleslaw. But, it is not going to be your run-of-the-mill, surplus cabbage, swimming-in-mayo slaw. Coleslaw is an easy side salad but you need to prep your veggies right. Make sure you drain your vegetables of … Continue reading The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

Cinematic Cravings

Are you a big film fan, love food but can't cook to save your life? Or perhaps you are just lacking motivation in the kitchen lately? One of the best ways to get in the mood for cooking, get over your fear and learn a few things is to watch cookery programmes and YouTube recipe videos. … Continue reading Cinematic Cravings

Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

One of my favourite eats! Depending on how you want to serve it and how much of it you want to make, it is: a dip, a spread, a meal, and it comes in amazing colours. Very versatile, you can really be creative with your dish composition, and it's more nourishing and healthier than most side dishes and … Continue reading Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

Totally, Yoghurtly Yours

On image.ie This is the easiest dinner party you’ll ever throw… Picture this – you whip up ALL the courses the morning of, you leave them in the oven/fridge, have a relaxing afternoon – and, come evening, a radiating, well-rested host opens the door,apéritif in hand! Sounds good? Here’s how to do it! Make good … Continue reading Totally, Yoghurtly Yours