Three Ways To A Cool Outdoor Dining Space

On Image: Are you wondering whether the good weather is ever coming back? It is! And when it does, here is how to enjoy the warm summer days in-style, with our ideas and product recommendations on styling the coolest outdoor dining space. Modern Monochrome The Scandinavians practically invented cool contemporary and the monochrome … Continue reading Three Ways To A Cool Outdoor Dining Space

#urbangarden: Green In The City

Bring the outside in and keep it smart with these ingenious ideas for small outdoor areas: 1. A tiny but charming dining nook in a corner of your little terrace (Houzz) 2. A travel-inspired, geometrically-playful outside area on 3. Build a loft deck and go wild with decorating and planting like in this Houzztour  4. If … Continue reading #urbangarden: Green In The City

Trad Style

Diana Valentine Design


In today’s home gallery I look at traditional and country-style interiors…

With our renewed interest in traditional local products, a resurgence in old Irish craft techniques, and the eternally inviting appeal of a cottage-style property, no wonder people are falling for trad again. Snug interiors, patterned wallpapers, traditional rugs, woollen blankets, sumptuous curtains… what’s not to like?

Here’s a selection of the best traditional house tours featured in Image Interiors & Living and my pick of the best products to recreate this cosy look:


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Outdoor Oasis

On How To Create An Outdoor Oasis And so the good weather has finally arrived! Whether you have a patio, back garden, or a small balcony, take advantage of the warm temperatures and long evenings with our guide to creating a luxurious and inviting outdoor oasis. Found on We browsed around on Pinterest … Continue reading Outdoor Oasis

Playful Patterns

On Check out these gorgeous summer textiles in inspiring prints… Ah, summer! It not only brings warmth and sunshine, but also beautiful pattern designs and tantalising textures. Here’s our pick of the best summer textiles for indoors and out ... 1. Duvet set, from €48–198, Anthropologie 2. Paisley tablecloth and napkins, €12.99–29.99, Zara Home … Continue reading Playful Patterns

Buzzing Bucharest

City guides and pretty pics coming soon ... Bucharest's urban oases and design hotspots to visit this summer Origo by Lama Architectura Control  Eden  Monteoru  Lokal Plastilina + Acuarela Image: Cătălin Georgescu Foto: Cristian Niculae CreArt La Un Ceai. Ceai la Vlaicu La Metoc Yardini Grădina SoLemn  Grădina Viitorului Vecchio Voilà & Eclecticó Studio - Localul cu rinocer mov Palatul Știrbei  Galateca … Continue reading Buzzing Bucharest

Sublime Simplicity

In IMAGE Interiors & Living Some time ago I was on the lookout for a low-key, rustic retreat when I came across Lake Isle Retreats in Fermanagh, a small rural hideaway where you can regain your physical and mental strength through yoga, t’ai chi and meditation – while enjoying an intoxicating feast of Eastern food … Continue reading Sublime Simplicity

#whatsinseason: Pretty Peonies

What's in season in the world of flowers? Peonies are in season! Fun facts about peonies: They are the Chinese "king of the flowers" and the floral symbol of China. When Marco Polo discovered them there, he described them as "roses as big as cabbages". Some cultures celebrate them as symbols feminine beauty, good fortune … Continue reading #whatsinseason: Pretty Peonies

Top Topiary

On From gorgeous geometry to wondrous water features – check out la crème of French garden design… When you think ‘France’ and ‘the French’, ‘garden’ does not immediately come to mind. Perhaps it should though, since the French are responsible for the largest and most splendid gardens in Europe – the Gardens of Versailles – … Continue reading Top Topiary

Irish Gardens

A selection of the best gardens from the house tours... An inspiring gallery of gorgeous gardens from the #ImageInteriors house tour archives. 1. An outdoor-indoor garden area in a renovated mews in London’s Hackney. | 2. An inviting penthouse garden with a view of the Dublin Docklands.| 3. A beautiful example of rustic topiary in Cork. … Continue reading Irish Gardens

Communities in Bloom

Meet the superheroes transforming desolate cityscapes into havens of heavenly greenery and delicious produce. Community gardens have a long tradition in the larger cities of continental Europe and throughout the United States, but are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, which is only now faced with urban population density concerns. No longer the preserve of … Continue reading Communities in Bloom

Play Time

Published on: Eight awesome grown-up games with a retro vibe… There’s lots of outdoor fun to be had this upcoming summer. Here’s my pick of giant retro garden games to take you back to the good old days of your childhood. Kids also welcome! 1. Giant dominoes, €39.90, Uber Games on 2. Sports Day … Continue reading Play Time

Outdoor Living**

Time to get your backyard in shape for summer: outdoor dome, kids' cabin, picnicware, towels and blankets, boho Oriental wares for that decadent summer feeling ... Here are a few items that could make the outside of your abode more appealing and infinitely cuter:

Allotment Art

A Growing Movement, published on A lot has been written about allotments lately. It has certainly generated its own little phenomenon on these shores over the last few years. Whether in community and urban gardens or plots of land in the mountainous suburbs, seeds are sown and crops are eaten with family and friends all … Continue reading Allotment Art

Water World

Wow your neighbours with a wonderful garden water feature... Gardens are in bloom, courtyards are the new sitting rooms, and we are quite taken with what you can do with water outdoors. Whether you have a house garden or balcony box, a splash of H2O can make your outdoor space feel super-zen or wild and … Continue reading Water World

Flower Power

This is flowers to the power of ten! At least!  Flower installations, part of this new wonderful trend of bringing the outside in, are a powerful thing ... The first one I came across was a project of Tokyo’s Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Still haven’t have enough of the Japanese cherry blossom images … Continue reading Flower Power

IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine

Portfolio of print journalism work for IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine, Ireland (IMAGE Publications). Articles: interiors, lifestyle, food, travel and gardening.

Bountiful Harvest

A Chilled Backyard Foodie Gathering on Behind the scenes at Team Interiors’ casual cookout... To celebrate our love of food and our weakness for a good party, the Image Interiors & Living team threw a backyard harvest feast one sunny August evening… Styling by me. Photography by Nathalie Marquez Courtney Previously published on: @Image_Interiors

Enchanted Gardens

Published on Calling all fairies and goblins! We’re enjoying incredible weather this summer, which means lots and lots of kids’ outdoor events in magical gardens all over Ireland. Here’s our round-up of the best outdoor entertainment events for children over the next month… The Dublin Shakespeare Outdoor Theatre Festival organises a series of free … Continue reading Enchanted Gardens

Outdoor Theatre

Published on From garden art last week to art in the garden today, because there is more to gardens than pretty flowers… Gardens provide wonderful inspiration for artists, and make an atmospheric setting for open-air performances and fun garden parties. Here’s our round-up of artsy outdoor entertainment in Dublin over the next month. First … Continue reading Outdoor Theatre

Nimble Fingers

Published on: Spring/summer weekends? School holidays? Wondering what to do with the kids? Well, don’t let the grass grow under your feet!  Weekends and holidays are the perfect chance to introduce your children to gardening. You’ll probably find that getting them into the garden for more than kicking a ball around won’t be that hard (you … Continue reading Nimble Fingers

Glamp It Up!

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about childhood camping hols, are headed to a festival or simply want to set up something fun in the garden for the kids, this is some great gear for a memorable sleep under the stars.  1. Cocoon canvas hanging tent, from around €310, The Forest & Co 2. Yellowstone Snowdonia cook set, … Continue reading Glamp It Up!