Interview: Crime writer Sheena Lambert

Published on: Sheena Lambert is an author from Dublin, Ireland, where she worked as a engineer before deciding to take a leap and focus on writing novels. She has been shortlisted in a number of prestigious UK competitions. Her second novel, The Lake, is published by HarperCollins Killer Reads. How did this book come about? I am … Continue reading Interview: Crime writer Sheena Lambert

Interview: Rawesome Recipes

Published on One of cookery author Sophie Miller’s first memories is cooking with her mother and grandmother. “I have always loved cooking and watched my mother making her wonderful creations from a very young age. I wrote my first recipes for my sister when she went to college and needed some easy recipes she could … Continue reading Interview: Rawesome Recipes

Interview: Miranda Aldhouse Green

Published on:   Miranda Aldhouse-Green is Professor Emeritus at Cardiff University. She specializes in the study of shamanism and archaeology of the Iron Age. She has published widely on the Celts and their world, including: Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers, Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend, and Exploring the World of the Druids. Tell us about … Continue reading Interview: Miranda Aldhouse Green

Promoting Your Books

On, @KayACairns and @_DianaValentine compile their top tips on how authors can promote books around and over the holidays … Valentine’s Day is behind us, and soon comes Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, the Summer Solstice, etc. Plenty of public and bank holidays – plenty of opportunities to get your book out and marketed. But … Continue reading Promoting Your Books

Return of the Book

I want to read Ulysses, but I need to finish the Internet first. Anonymous, quoted here In the the old world – circa fifteen years ago – B was for books. In our world, B is for bytes, beta, back-up, big data, bitcoin… You know all of those – they are our daily reality, where we need … Continue reading Return of the Book

Fairy Fiends

I've always wanted to have a fairy door tree and, when I came across from this lovely post from Grammarly here (Every year on February 26th, Tell a Fairy Tale Day celebrates the art of storytelling), it made me think of all the fairy stories of my childhood. So, Fairy Day was some time ago, and it took … Continue reading Fairy Fiends