Nature and Neutrals… Styling for Image Interiors and Living

On Once upon the time I was lucky enough to assist Ciara O'Halloran in styling this for Image Interiors & Living:  Image Credits: Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney | Art Direction & Styling: Ciara O’Halloran | Assisted by: Diana Valentine

Playful Patterns

On Check out these gorgeous summer textiles in inspiring prints… Ah, summer! It not only brings warmth and sunshine, but also beautiful pattern designs and tantalising textures. Here’s our pick of the best summer textiles for indoors and out ... 1. Duvet set, from €48–198, Anthropologie 2. Paisley tablecloth and napkins, €12.99–29.99, Zara Home … Continue reading Playful Patterns

Daddy Cool

Of course you've remembered it's Father's Day this coming Sunday, right? If you haven't, don't stress – we've done the leg work for you and selected some stylish gifts to please all kinds: sports heads, barbecue experts, gadget lovers and the well-groomed gent. You're welcome! 1. Blue retro radio with iPhone dock, €140, Debenhams 2. … Continue reading Daddy Cool

Double-Dip Dining

Published on Dive into the world of colour-dip cooking and dining accessories and add a burst of colour to your summer table … 1. Royal Doulton tapas tableware, from around €18, John Lewis 2. Atelier cutlery set, around €121, Anthropologie 3. Pair of oak chopping boards, €27, Marks & Spencer 4. Julia Paul Pottery … Continue reading Double-Dip Dining

10 Best Independent Design Shops in Ireland This Summer

A version of this article appeared on My Mug tableware | Earth vase in rose | Glacier wine accessories Smoke glass and wood lantern | Copper-finish mirror | Set of gold wire baskets  Wall sticker |  Cherry blossom mug | Rustic wall-mounted vase  Dip bowl  | Enamel plates | Breadboards  Bird feeder | Felt coasters | Bud vase Tray cloth | High tea napkins |  Summer berry cushion Wooden … Continue reading 10 Best Independent Design Shops in Ireland This Summer

Buzzing Bucharest

City guides and pretty pics coming soon ... Bucharest's urban oases and design hotspots to visit this summer Origo by Lama Architectura Control  Eden  Monteoru  Lokal Plastilina + Acuarela Image: Cătălin Georgescu Foto: Cristian Niculae CreArt La Un Ceai. Ceai la Vlaicu La Metoc Yardini Grădina SoLemn  Grădina Viitorului Vecchio Voilà & Eclecticó Studio - Localul cu rinocer mov Palatul Știrbei  Galateca … Continue reading Buzzing Bucharest

The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

It looks like we can finally light up the barbecue this bank holiday, so I'm looking for appropriate recipes. First off, the coleslaw. But, it is not going to be your run-of-the-mill, surplus cabbage, swimming-in-mayo slaw. Coleslaw is an easy side salad but you need to prep your veggies right. Make sure you drain your vegetables of … Continue reading The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

Sublime Simplicity

In IMAGE Interiors & Living Some time ago I was on the lookout for a low-key, rustic retreat when I came across Lake Isle Retreats in Fermanagh, a small rural hideaway where you can regain your physical and mental strength through yoga, t’ai chi and meditation – while enjoying an intoxicating feast of Eastern food … Continue reading Sublime Simplicity

Paper Art

There is origami, and then there is paper sculpture. Just  discovered the work of American Stephanie Beck, paper artist. She creates sculptural paper compositions of imagined urban landscapes, all featuring multitudes of handcrafted small-scale paper shapes and structures that are cut and glued together. By hand. “My work is inspired by images of archaeological sites, architectural history, aerial photos … Continue reading Paper Art

When Art Meets Animation

What did the world look like through Van Gogh's eyes? Mac Cauley, a New York based animator created this astonishing virtual visit of Le Café de Nuit ( “The Night Café”), painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888, depicting Le Café de la Gare in Arles, where he lived towards the end of this tumultuous life. Ever wondered how many … Continue reading When Art Meets Animation

Urban Decay: When Flowers Fight Back

This is the story of the  If you weren't able to join us last weekend for the preview event, consider a trip into town October 16-18! Interested in media please contact @hsaundersphoto #handmademodern #americangrown #americangrownflowers #flowers #flowerhouse #flowerhousedetroit @toddoldham @handmademodern A photo posted by flower house detroit (@flowerhousedetroit) on May 11, 2015 at 6:43am … Continue reading Urban Decay: When Flowers Fight Back

Cinematic Cravings

Are you a big film fan, love food but can't cook to save your life? Or perhaps you are just lacking motivation in the kitchen lately? One of the best ways to get in the mood for cooking, get over your fear and learn a few things is to watch cookery programmes and YouTube recipe videos. … Continue reading Cinematic Cravings

Weird, Wild, Wonderful

This photoset of the Polish photographer Sebastian Luczywo reminds me of the imagery of Black Cat, White Cat, Emir Kusturica's best known films. (Scroll down to the end to see why.) Read a short review of the film here, and see a short visual summary here. The soundtrack (mostly by Goran Bregovic), as with all Kusturica's films, is … Continue reading Weird, Wild, Wonderful

Fairytale Fashion

I am perennially in love with fairy tales and a great fan of the fairies. Most recently, I went scouting for the best fairy fashion in shops and on the www, and these are little treasures I found ...  Fairytale femininine frocks have been a noticeable trend in the SS15 collections, and they translated wonderfully into … Continue reading Fairytale Fashion

Paint Power

On Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your home: the options are limitless, the costs minimal and the satisfaction a given ... How you choose your colours from space to space throughout your home will depend on the mood you want to set, the décor you already have and the style … Continue reading Paint Power

#rawliving: Sublime Serenity in Rustic Ibiza

A House Tour from Blakstad Architects: nothing but white, natural wood and light Images and copyright:

#whatsinseason: Pretty Peonies

What's in season in the world of flowers? Peonies are in season! Fun facts about peonies: They are the Chinese "king of the flowers" and the floral symbol of China. When Marco Polo discovered them there, he described them as "roses as big as cabbages". Some cultures celebrate them as symbols feminine beauty, good fortune … Continue reading #whatsinseason: Pretty Peonies

Covet List:

Copper bowl | Decorative boxes | Olive cushion | Yellow dot mugs | Concrete lamp | Yellow rug | Day bed | Vase 

Streetfood Style

A version of this article appeared in the Sep-Oct 2014 issue of IMAGE Interiors & Living I love eating in the street all over the world, and my favourite dishes are a mix of South East Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern dishes. Street food is a world of sweet marinades, tangy pastes, powders of dazzling … Continue reading Streetfood Style

Style Crush: Geo-Jewelry

Meet and marvel at Malin Menningsson's wearable jewelry art: and this is how it's made: Malin's story Shop Malin here.

#instacuteness: Sweet Things & Little Nothings

Top Topiary

On From gorgeous geometry to wondrous water features – check out la crème of French garden design… When you think ‘France’ and ‘the French’, ‘garden’ does not immediately come to mind. Perhaps it should though, since the French are responsible for the largest and most splendid gardens in Europe – the Gardens of Versailles – … Continue reading Top Topiary

Irish Gardens

A selection of the best gardens from the house tours... An inspiring gallery of gorgeous gardens from the #ImageInteriors house tour archives. 1. An outdoor-indoor garden area in a renovated mews in London’s Hackney. | 2. An inviting penthouse garden with a view of the Dublin Docklands.| 3. A beautiful example of rustic topiary in Cork. … Continue reading Irish Gardens

Communities in Bloom

Meet the superheroes transforming desolate cityscapes into havens of heavenly greenery and delicious produce. Community gardens have a long tradition in the larger cities of continental Europe and throughout the United States, but are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, which is only now faced with urban population density concerns. No longer the preserve of … Continue reading Communities in Bloom



In and around Dublin

Their spelling is not great but these young parkourists (parkourers?) more than make up for it with their acrobatics.

They were a nice bunch.

Mimi asked me if they didn’t mind me taking their photographs and posting them on the internet.

They didn’t.

They were far from camera shy.

I enjoyed spending 15 minutes with them.
They were fit, enthusiastic, sober, did not bother anyone.

They don’t care much about cartilage, or joints (the ones that act as an articulation between two limbs), or sprained ankles, or broken wrists.

They are young.
They are having fun.

Fair play to them.

Like it or not, the little mememe2U will be doing parkour from now on.
Shag all extortionate registration fees, licences or bored instructors.

All you need is a pair of runners, a few rocks or elevated walkways. And go bare chest.

I may allow Mimi to wear a vest.










































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#Equality at my local beach

#Equality at my local beach

dublin in love

When we heard our pal Steve OwlDonnell was hitting the beach, we thought he was checking out the surf.

Then our friends at Yelp posted this:

The guys at All Out Dublin really did go all out to show #DublinInLove…with one man and a rake.

Steve says:

At the very least I wanted to do something to start a conversation. I felt the best way to do this was to use my creative skills in a way that people couldn’t help but notice. Hence the rugby pitch sized message!

A lot of passers by…

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#whatsinseason: May 2015

Crabs are in season: Find your crab recipe on or see this Irishman's crab claws recipe Wild garlic is in season. Here's a most gorgeous Irish-made recipe by Jette Virdi. Irish strawberries are finally in season. Eton mess anyone? Pretty, delicate asparagus. Here's how to cook it.

Stockholm Design Week 2015

On Stockholm Design Week, the world’s largest fair for Scandinavian furniture and homewares design, finished this week and had us all buzzing with excitement. The greats of Scandinavian design, such as String and Carl Hansen, have had design bloggers raving with their gorgeous stands, and we love the new homewares range from&Tradition. Also, this … Continue reading Stockholm Design Week 2015

Irish Design 2015

On If you’re passing through Dublin Airport this year, you’re bound to come across the Design Island Exhibition, one of the very first events in the upcoming Irish Design 2015, a year-long programme exploring, promoting and celebrating Irish design on the island of Ireland as well as major locations abroad. The exhibition celebrates the growing success … Continue reading Irish Design 2015

Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

One of my favourite eats! Depending on how you want to serve it and how much of it you want to make, it is: a dip, a spread, a meal, and it comes in amazing colours. Very versatile, you can really be creative with your dish composition, and it's more nourishing and healthier than most side dishes and … Continue reading Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

What I learned about food today

I'm on a quest: to eat more healthily, to make food more beautiful and ... to write more about food. So here is what I've learned in the last while:  1. Foods nutritionists eat every day and why on citrus fruit | eggs | porridge | turmeric | tomatoes | dark chocolate | nuts & seeds | hummus | blueberries | hot water with lemon … Continue reading What I learned about food today

“One Man’s Meat” does crab claws with garlic butter

Crab claws recipe

One Man's Meat

Crab claws in garlic butter (7 of 8) I have to give you a little bit of background to this post and the inspiration for this new, occasional series, Ireland’s Greatest Ingredients. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Liam Quinlan. Liam is a Kerryman (nothing wrong with that) and is passionate about the seafood that his family company produces. Liam travelled to Dublin by train. I met him at Huston station and we spent a few hours together. Liam brought me a styrofoam box. “Just some crab and a bit of salmon for you to try.” he said in his self deprecatory way. 

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The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Working from home, hotdesking outside the home and typing away studiously in a an elegant café are all the rage right now in the era of digital nomadism and Dublin's start-up frenzy. But what if you can't afford to pay for the office space and the gourmet coffee? Then you go to the library! Yep … Continue reading The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Floral Fiend

From real flowers art to digitally-enhanced flowers from Intensely beautiful and wonderfully eerie ...  The dark side ... and the light

Style Crush: The Kimono Dress '

Play Time

Published on: Eight awesome grown-up games with a retro vibe… There’s lots of outdoor fun to be had this upcoming summer. Here’s my pick of giant retro garden games to take you back to the good old days of your childhood. Kids also welcome! 1. Giant dominoes, €39.90, Uber Games on 2. Sports Day … Continue reading Play Time

Steps to Heaven

Published on: Here we scale the dizzying heights of ladders’ elegance and usefulness about the home… Fun and functional, it's no wonder that ladders are having a moment. They've been filling up our Pinterest feed for quite some time now, so we've rounded up the different brilliant ways they could work in your home. … Continue reading Steps to Heaven

Storage Stories

Published on If you want to get organised, remember these points, then click through our gallery below for stylish storage solutions from top world designers… 1. Verticality. Elevate, don’t bulk up. If you are adding storage, it’s to save space, so add height, not volume. Don’t buy chunky storage – you’ll just go from a … Continue reading Storage Stories

Top Tables

Published on: Each week we put together a chart-topping selection of furnishing products and inspiring ideas. Today, it’s all about tables… The inspiration (above): We love the clean lines, natural finishes and casual elegance of Danish brand TineK Home. Ready to shop? Have a look at our favourite AW14 tables here… 1. Bigfoot table, from around … Continue reading Top Tables

Delectable Dining

Published on: Check out chic chairs that are to dine for… The chair is one of the most exciting areas of furniture design – where technique meets art, sturdiness and delicate lines collide, and shape is complemented by the appropriate upholstery. From iconic Eames-inspired designs to cheery chairs in playful colours and bistro-style seating, we … Continue reading Delectable Dining

Greys, Metallics & Colour Pops

I love to have lots of grey in my home, especially for large background or furniture pieces, and wrote about a grey-mazing house recently, but always feel it needs a bit of colour and some metallic accents. This is my weekly covet list (some items were recently featured in the latest IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine), … Continue reading Greys, Metallics & Colour Pops

Covet Copper

Copper is with us since about 2013, and shows no signs of going away any time soon. Seen everywhere from high fashion frocks to affordable home accessories, and ranking high in the interiors colour chart this season, it ranges from rich shimmering shades for accessories to matte, brushed texture for homewares and lighting. Combine it with … Continue reading Covet Copper

Smoke & Petals

I have a thing for scorched/smoked wood and beautiful pastel flowers with a subdued #boho vibe, so I had to put together this #lookbook where #florals meet dark wood and the feel is modern #Japanese - almost #wabisabi - with a side of dark #Scandinavian, like from TineK. [Click on the pictures below to see where the … Continue reading Smoke & Petals

Concrete & Ombre

Literally two of my favourite things when it comes to interiors, clothing and homewares. And why combine them? Because they complete each other (No, really!): #ombre is moody, dream-like, and #concrete is solid, intense, both grounding and complementing ombre. They both have the same #gradient, #ethereal quality but live in different parts of the colour … Continue reading Concrete & Ombre

Bugs & Blossoms

This post was inspired by some beautiful spring days that made clicking on the Instagram icon on my phone all worth it again, because of Japan, and a reminder that it is Van Gogh's birthday (30th of March) and that he was good with blossoms (below): So, because spring has sprung - in some parts … Continue reading Bugs & Blossoms