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photo-1422480041422-130238c67fe2Hello and welcome to my home styling service!

I am a lifestyle and interiors journalist (see my portofolio here), and home styling consultant working with Ireland’s leading interiors and lifestyle magazines.

Having worked with interior designers, home stylists and professional photographers, I’ve decided to use my experience and do something I love and believe I’m good at it: make a home more beautiful, interesting, memorable.

I work with a professional photographer, an illustrator, a stationer and a graphic designer to create a home styling package or property portofolio for you, if:

  • You want to prepare, stage or showcase a for sale or rental
  • You want to stage or showcase a property
  • You are moving into a new property and need advice on decorating
  • You want declutter, spring clean, restyle your home
  • You need to rganise and redecorate your home for a growing family
  • You want to jazz up your home for a party
  • You want style your your office for a special event

I will take care of all the elements that will turn your property into a
contemporary, warm and inviting home, ready to be proudly presented
to potential sellers, renters, viewers or visitors. For that, I will:

  • Declutter, rearrange, refurnish, style your home so it looks its best
  • Design a look based on the available collection of furniture, artwork and props which compliment your property’s features
  • Loan, source or buy quality furnishings that will raise your property’s potential
  • Arrange a photoshoot and give you a photo portofolio to use for adverts and brochures
  • Create a user-friendly, presentation website for your house that you can use and update in addition to your adverts on property sites
  • Put together an appealing, personalised and tasteful brochure that will really sell your property

If you want to learn about my aesthetic, I say it best with Pinterest. Click on the picture below and contact via my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dianavalentinehomedesign


If you require more extensive and specialised services, I can recommend a number of trusted interior designers, architects and contractors.

My service is friendly, affordable and comes in a variety of options for both mind-range and high-end properties. There is no typical client or house, and I work with different types of properties and owners. The price is dependent on property size and amount of living space, the styling requirements and the products that need to be sourced.

To start with, you book an on-site pre-consultation. This involves a walk through the house, where each room is photographed and discussed in detail. This is followed up by a written (soft and hard-copy) report detailing for each room:

  • What needs to be done
  • A suggested plan on how to do it
  • Links to inspirational sites and lookbooks that fit your design needs
  • Recommendations of specific products that fir your budget and taste
  • Recommendations and estimated costs on trades required
  • Suggestions and advice on DIY options and sources
  • An invaluable checklist which can be reviewed before viewings take place

At this point, you may say “Thank you and good-bye!” or hire me to come back on site and discuss a (re)styling plan for your home. We can then discuss a rate per hour, so that you have complete control over your budget at all times.

See my previous work [here] and have a browse through my home styling inspiration and references on:

Pinterest | Flipboard | Steller | Goodreads | Polyvore

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