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Valentine’s Day 2016 in Dublin

Every year I try to do a Valentine's day blog post, if only because my name IS Valentine, so here is my 2016 little guide on Valentine things to do in Dublin and Ireland, from special events to go to with your special one, to Valentine's Day for singles, families and charities, because "love is all around us" and Valentine's Day is for all.


Some two weeks ago, in the aftermath of Aylan Kurdi's death, I was writing about those boats, about how the refugees are coming and why, and wondered what was going to happen to them and with us all, once they are here.  A lot has happened since then. Lots more people died, including lots of … Continue reading ABOUT THESE GERMANS

About those boats

I've never visited a refugee camp, donated heavily to a refugee charity or volunteered to work with refugees in any capacity. The only times I've come close to the reality of being a refugee on foreign shores were a couple of holiday drives...

Communities in Bloom

Meet the superheroes transforming desolate cityscapes into havens of heavenly greenery and delicious produce. Community gardens have a long tradition in the larger cities of continental Europe and throughout the United States, but are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, which is only now faced with urban population density concerns. No longer the preserve of … Continue reading Communities in Bloom

#Equality at my local beach

#Equality at my local beach

dublin in love

When we heard our pal Steve OwlDonnell was hitting the beach, we thought he was checking out the surf.

Then our friends at Yelp posted this:

The guys at All Out Dublin really did go all out to show #DublinInLove…with one man and a rake.

Steve says:

At the very least I wanted to do something to start a conversation. I felt the best way to do this was to use my creative skills in a way that people couldn’t help but notice. Hence the rugby pitch sized message!

A lot of passers by…

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The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Working from home, hotdesking outside the home and typing away studiously in a an elegant café are all the rage right now in the era of digital nomadism and Dublin's start-up frenzy. But what if you can't afford to pay for the office space and the gourmet coffee? Then you go to the library! Yep … Continue reading The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Love Libraries

Published on: Essential or Extravagant? The New Dublin Libraries 2014 saw the (re)opening of two new libraries in Co. Dublin: Dún Laoghaire and Blackrock, two exciting but expensive projects that generated some controversy. Do we need more libraries built in the age of technology, with its ecological concerns about paper production and where Amazon sells … Continue reading Love Libraries

Part-Time Power

Published on Whether you work part-time or full-time, you spend the bulk of your weekdays at work… Can the job be done in fewer hours though? Can less really be more? We’re still recovering from a long and debilitating recession, and most of us are congratulating ourselves on having survived the downturn with our employment … Continue reading Part-Time Power