Covet List:

Copper bowl | Decorative boxes | Olive cushion | Yellow dot mugs | Concrete lamp | Yellow rug | Day bed | Vase 

Irish Gardens

A selection of the best gardens from the house tours... An inspiring gallery of gorgeous gardens from the #ImageInteriors house tour archives. 1. An outdoor-indoor garden area in a renovated mews in London’s Hackney. | 2. An inviting penthouse garden with a view of the Dublin Docklands.| 3. A beautiful example of rustic topiary in Cork. … Continue reading Irish Gardens

Stockholm Design Week 2015

On Stockholm Design Week, the world’s largest fair for Scandinavian furniture and homewares design, finished this week and had us all buzzing with excitement. The greats of Scandinavian design, such as String and Carl Hansen, have had design bloggers raving with their gorgeous stands, and we love the new homewares range from&Tradition. Also, this … Continue reading Stockholm Design Week 2015

Steps to Heaven

Published on: Here we scale the dizzying heights of ladders’ elegance and usefulness about the home… Fun and functional, it's no wonder that ladders are having a moment. They've been filling up our Pinterest feed for quite some time now, so we've rounded up the different brilliant ways they could work in your home. … Continue reading Steps to Heaven

Storage Stories

Published on If you want to get organised, remember these points, then click through our gallery below for stylish storage solutions from top world designers… 1. Verticality. Elevate, don’t bulk up. If you are adding storage, it’s to save space, so add height, not volume. Don’t buy chunky storage – you’ll just go from a … Continue reading Storage Stories

Top Tables

Published on: Each week we put together a chart-topping selection of furnishing products and inspiring ideas. Today, it’s all about tables… The inspiration (above): We love the clean lines, natural finishes and casual elegance of Danish brand TineK Home. Ready to shop? Have a look at our favourite AW14 tables here… 1. Bigfoot table, from around … Continue reading Top Tables

Delectable Dining

Published on: Check out chic chairs that are to dine for… The chair is one of the most exciting areas of furniture design – where technique meets art, sturdiness and delicate lines collide, and shape is complemented by the appropriate upholstery. From iconic Eames-inspired designs to cheery chairs in playful colours and bistro-style seating, we … Continue reading Delectable Dining

Greys, Metallics & Colour Pops

I love to have lots of grey in my home, especially for large background or furniture pieces, and wrote about a grey-mazing house recently, but always feel it needs a bit of colour and some metallic accents. This is my weekly covet list (some items were recently featured in the latest IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine), … Continue reading Greys, Metallics & Colour Pops

Covet Copper

Copper is with us since about 2013, and shows no signs of going away any time soon. Seen everywhere from high fashion frocks to affordable home accessories, and ranking high in the interiors colour chart this season, it ranges from rich shimmering shades for accessories to matte, brushed texture for homewares and lighting. Combine it with … Continue reading Covet Copper

Smoke & Petals

I have a thing for scorched/smoked wood and beautiful pastel flowers with a subdued #boho vibe, so I had to put together this #lookbook where #florals meet dark wood and the feel is modern #Japanese - almost #wabisabi - with a side of dark #Scandinavian, like from TineK. [Click on the pictures below to see where the … Continue reading Smoke & Petals

Concrete & Ombre

Literally two of my favourite things when it comes to interiors, clothing and homewares. And why combine them? Because they complete each other (No, really!): #ombre is moody, dream-like, and #concrete is solid, intense, both grounding and complementing ombre. They both have the same #gradient, #ethereal quality but live in different parts of the colour … Continue reading Concrete & Ombre

Bugs & Blossoms

This post was inspired by some beautiful spring days that made clicking on the Instagram icon on my phone all worth it again, because of Japan, and a reminder that it is Van Gogh's birthday (30th of March) and that he was good with blossoms (below): So, because spring has sprung - in some parts … Continue reading Bugs & Blossoms

A Touch of Retro

On There is an old myth about not mixing interior styles, but, with a good eye and some careful sourcing, you can do it quite prettily... As most of us now live in contemporary-style homes and apartments, the question is how to incorporate heirlooms seamlessly into our interior design schemes. Here are some tips … Continue reading A Touch of Retro

The Art of The Art Display

I have long been obsessed with art displays in the home, from wall galleries to shelf mini-collections. Incidentally, I've come across this little article from one my favourite contributors on Remodelista, Julie Carlson, the same week I've compiled my own favourite art displays and tips on how to do them well on How to: Art In … Continue reading The Art of The Art Display

Romancing The Home

On Go boho! Take a little inspiration from these IMAGE Interiors artsy abodes … Oh, how we love this style! There are many names for it: artsy, bohemian, romantic, eclectic – and it’s all gorgeous. Have a look at the chic product choices for some bohemian living inspiration. Bohemian romantic décor 101 Botanical motif breakfast cup, around … Continue reading Romancing The Home

Art of Darkness

on Sumptuously dark interiors hand-picked from the IMAGE Interiors house tours... You might think that black is dark and depressing. Gothic. But is it? Dark colours add a touch of drama to a well-put-together interior scheme and present the perfect playground for different lighting sources. This dark bedroom is in the apartment that won the INSIDE … Continue reading Art of Darkness

Sleek Sitting Rooms

On Inspired by this IMAGE Interiors gallery of modern living rooms for the urban-minded? Get the look with these awesome products with a modernist edge … 1.Tablo table, €223 by Normann Copenhagen, Bodie and Fou 2. Arco floor lamp, €650, CA Design 3. Different Trains cabinet, around €2,240, Haus London 4. Fauteuil de Salon armchair by … Continue reading Sleek Sitting Rooms

Think Pink

On Pink is possibly the most versatile hue you can use in your home. Here are some tips on how to pull off a grown-up colour scheme that’s poised, not princessy, from one of the sisters behind Belfast's cult interiors store Maven... One of the trends we’re smitten with for the coming year is … Continue reading Think Pink

Trad Style

On In today’s home gallery I look at traditional and country-style interiors... With our renewed interest in traditional local products, a resurgence in old Irish craft techniques, and the eternally inviting appeal of a cottage-style property, no wonder people are falling for trad again. Snug interiors, patterned wallpapers, traditional rugs, woollen blankets, sumptuous curtains... what’s … Continue reading Trad Style

Mid-Century Magic

On To achieve the perfection of the most magical mid-century abodes as seen in this IMAGE Interiors gallery, I've put together some time ago, think: joyful patterns and playful colours, a combination of 1950s gin-and-tonic mentality and laid-back insouciance, a romantic-eclectic ensemble with a touch of retro pop: Mid-century Swedish sideboard, price on application, Kirk Modern Kilim ottoman, … Continue reading Mid-Century Magic

Cute Cuddle Rooms

Don't want your children's room to look exactly like page X of brand catalogue Y? Me neither! Here are some adorable, mostly DIY, marvelously ingenious kids' projects from creative mums and dads from around the world. Some of these come with tutorials and they are super-easy - and reassuringly cheap - to make (so, no excuses!) using items from the … Continue reading Cute Cuddle Rooms

Outdoor Living**

Time to get your backyard in shape for summer: outdoor dome, kids' cabin, picnicware, towels and blankets, boho Oriental wares for that decadent summer feeling ... Here are a few items that could make the outside of your abode more appealing and infinitely cuter:

Inspiring Workspaces

Home offices from the #ImageInteriors archives: Last week it was windows with the wow factor. This week we turn our attention to inspirational home offices. Whether you’re looking for a sombre study or a cheery work/play room, take inspiration from our gallery of hip home workspaces... 1. The work desk at The Stop, one of the … Continue reading Inspiring Workspaces

Home Makeover

Desperate for a home makeover but unsure if you have the guts to attempt it? Follow these foolproof home facelift tips … 1. Create a moodboard for your project or use an online room planner. Know what you want, and plan it out. Plan and project-manage the jobs, and don’t lose track of deadlines. 2. Work … Continue reading Home Makeover

Industrial-Strength Interiors

Industriousness is a virtue, and industrial never goes out of fashion - see this home gallery of the best contemporary industrial IMAGE Interiors house tours I've helped put together some time ago. Let's celebrate this hard-working aesthetic again this little gallery of the best industrial products around:  Feeling industrious? Mix concrete and distressed wood with metallics, add various shades of grey, sea green and … Continue reading Industrial-Strength Interiors

Where Old Meets New: Modern + Retro in the Home

Modern retro and vintage + contemporary - my favourite look in a Pinterest board I put together for IMAGE Interiors

Queen of Blogs

Garance Doré probably needs no introduction if you have spent more than 30 seconds looking through the Google first page results on fashion and interiors blogs. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to list a few of the myriad of things she is known for: blogger (of course), journalist, author, photographer, illustrator, coder, lecturer, interiors consultant, fashion … Continue reading Queen of Blogs

Retro Dublin

On I go looking for a vintage fix… Dublin may be poorer in antiques and vintage fare than its European sisters, but you can stop daydreaming about Parisian flea markets right now. With an established arts and antiques quarter on Francis Street and new fleamarkets and vintage fairs popping up every year, we have a … Continue reading Retro Dublin

Vintage Advantage

on Join the smart shoppers in the know for a tour of Dublin’s best vintage stores… Quirky vintage finds help you avoid the samey trap and create a unique, personalised space. Don't know where to start? Here's my round up of some Dublin hot spots that you have to hit this season. Antique Shops and … Continue reading Vintage Advantage

Fabulous Floors

Published on Flooring is one of the most expensive items and choosing it one of the most stressful decisions you’ll make when decorating your house. Not only do floor surfaces have to be beautiful, they also have to score high on comfort, safety, durability and maintenance. If you’re in the market for a fabulous … Continue reading Fabulous Floors

Sinful Sofas

Published on Everyone knows the focus of the living room is the all-important, get-it-right-or-else sofa, so we went browsing for the best ones out there… The living room is in many ways the most important room in the house, the room that sees chill nights and parties, needs to looks good, but also needs … Continue reading Sinful Sofas

Little Miss Sunshine

Sunshine and lemons make a great summer! And a wonderful-looking kids’ room too. Yellow is an invigorating, optimistic colour seen often in children’s rooms, both boys’ and girls’. And as a parent, who doesn’t love a gender-neutral, pretty, illuminating colour that all the little ones seem to take to? Here is some of the sublime sunshiny stuff … Continue reading Little Miss Sunshine

Wooden Wonders

Keep it simple, keep it wooden and you can't go wrong when it comes to kids' accessories, interiors and toys! Wooden toys are safe, come in exquisite shapes, and will match any children's rooms (and living rooms, where they tend to overflow from said children's rooms), can be painted and re-painted, they age well and … Continue reading Wooden Wonders

The Art of the Art Display

on How to: Art In The Home From paintings to pictures, objets d’art to sweet little nothings, we’ve compiled our favourite arty arrangements from the IMAGE INTERIORS house tours, and tips on how to do art in the home – the easy and fun way. Displaying art should not be a major headache – we’ve put … Continue reading The Art of the Art Display

Retro Homes

A Touch of Retro Published on: There is an old myth about not mixing interior styles, but, with a good eye and some careful sourcing, you can do it quite prettily… As most of us now live in contemporary-style homes and apartments, the question is how to incorporate heirlooms seamlessly into our interior design schemes. Here … Continue reading Retro Homes

The New Order

Published on If you loved these Inspiring Workspaces, you’ll enjoy this logical sequel: chic storage and organisational solutions for the home… Below are seven clever organisational solutions from the IMAGE Interiors house tours that show storage can be both practical and elegant… 1. Everything has its place in a neat desk area in this Amsterdam apartment. … Continue reading The New Order

Water World

Wow your neighbours with a wonderful garden water feature... Gardens are in bloom, courtyards are the new sitting rooms, and we are quite taken with what you can do with water outdoors. Whether you have a house garden or balcony box, a splash of H2O can make your outdoor space feel super-zen or wild and … Continue reading Water World

Lemons & Limes

Zesty yellows and greens are making a comeback on the runway and in interiors trends (have they ever left, really?!) The best citrus pieces tend to be pop-out ceramics, accent pieces and kitchenware, so here are some cheerful homewares and accessories to add that cupcakes and lemonade feeling to your interiors: If you feel that citrus … Continue reading Lemons & Limes

Flower Power

This is flowers to the power of ten! At least!  Flower installations, part of this new wonderful trend of bringing the outside in, are a powerful thing ... The first one I came across was a project of Tokyo’s Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Still haven’t have enough of the Japanese cherry blossom images … Continue reading Flower Power

Collectors’ Homes

On In the latest IMAGE INTERIORS home gallery, a few proud Irish homeowners tell us about their love for vintage. Victorian Flair: Josephine Ryan of Explore this tour of a Restoration-style house, full of high-end antiques that complete an awe-inspiring, sumptuous interior: “I only buy what I love and would want to keep in my … Continue reading Collectors’ Homes

Travel At Home

I love to travel, and so I love maps (especially, vintage), travel-themed interiors (the tasteful ones), globe-trotting decor (I used to have a fondness for modern colonial), and I adore travel books and guides (Taschen, in particular - they have pretty photography and names like "100 Getaways around the World"). Here is a selection of … Continue reading Travel At Home


Over the summer of 2014, I worked on Garden Heaven magazine and fell in love with flowers and gardens and all things green and pretty. A new obsession took hold, and now I spend a a lot of time snapping flower beds around Dublin and create flower arrangements in my home. This is not something … Continue reading Instaflowers

Artful Arrangements

I followed some on my own advice here , and the tips in this Remodelista post to create these little artful displays with only the things already at hand in my living room. I used a mix of antiques, contemporary items, IKEA and custom-made frames to create three separate displays on three walls of my living room using … Continue reading Artful Arrangements

An Education

Today I bid 'Good-bye!' to the IMAGE Interiors & Living and I worked with the best interiors & lifestyle team in the land, and it's probably the job in which I've learned the most in my ten-year career. I looked at a lot of pretty things, wrote a lot of words, debated a lot … Continue reading An Education

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