A Frightening Feast

Looking for a truly hideous Halloween? Here are some horror-show hand-outs that are cheap, fun, easy to make, and … prepare to be shocked ... hauntingly healthy! I know, frightening!!!

Three Ways To A Cool Outdoor Dining Space

On mintmag.ie Image: chanelbagsandcigarettedrags.com Are you wondering whether the good weather is ever coming back? It is! And when it does, here is how to enjoy the warm summer days in-style, with our ideas and product recommendations on styling the coolest outdoor dining space. Modern Monochrome The Scandinavians practically invented cool contemporary and the monochrome … Continue reading Three Ways To A Cool Outdoor Dining Space

Valentine’s Day 2016 in Dublin

Every year I try to do a Valentine's day blog post, if only because my name IS Valentine, so here is my 2016 little guide on Valentine things to do in Dublin and Ireland, from special events to go to with your special one, to Valentine's Day for singles, families and charities, because "love is all around us" and Valentine's Day is for all.

Sneaky Superfood School Snacks


Double-Dip Dining

Published on image.ie Dive into the world of colour-dip cooking and dining accessories and add a burst of colour to your summer table … 1. Royal Doulton tapas tableware, from around €18, John Lewis 2. Atelier cutlery set, around €121, Anthropologie 3. Pair of oak chopping boards, €27, Marks & Spencer 4. Julia Paul Pottery … Continue reading Double-Dip Dining

The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

It looks like we can finally light up the barbecue this bank holiday, so I'm looking for appropriate recipes. First off, the coleslaw. But, it is not going to be your run-of-the-mill, surplus cabbage, swimming-in-mayo slaw. Coleslaw is an easy side salad but you need to prep your veggies right. Make sure you drain your vegetables of … Continue reading The Humble Slaw, Three Ways

Sublime Simplicity

In IMAGE Interiors & Living Some time ago I was on the lookout for a low-key, rustic retreat when I came across Lake Isle Retreats in Fermanagh, a small rural hideaway where you can regain your physical and mental strength through yoga, t’ai chi and meditation – while enjoying an intoxicating feast of Eastern food … Continue reading Sublime Simplicity

Cinematic Cravings

Are you a big film fan, love food but can't cook to save your life? Or perhaps you are just lacking motivation in the kitchen lately? One of the best ways to get in the mood for cooking, get over your fear and learn a few things is to watch cookery programmes and YouTube recipe videos. … Continue reading Cinematic Cravings

Streetfood Style

A version of this article appeared in the Sep-Oct 2014 issue of IMAGE Interiors & Living I love eating in the street all over the world, and my favourite dishes are a mix of South East Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern dishes. Street food is a world of sweet marinades, tangy pastes, powders of dazzling … Continue reading Streetfood Style

Communities in Bloom

Meet the superheroes transforming desolate cityscapes into havens of heavenly greenery and delicious produce. Community gardens have a long tradition in the larger cities of continental Europe and throughout the United States, but are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland, which is only now faced with urban population density concerns. No longer the preserve of … Continue reading Communities in Bloom

#whatsinseason: May 2015

Crabs are in season: Find your crab recipe on coastalliving.com or see this Irishman's crab claws recipe Wild garlic is in season. Here's a most gorgeous Irish-made recipe by Jette Virdi. Irish strawberries are finally in season. Eton mess anyone? Pretty, delicate asparagus. Here's how to cook it.

Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

One of my favourite eats! Depending on how you want to serve it and how much of it you want to make, it is: a dip, a spread, a meal, and it comes in amazing colours. Very versatile, you can really be creative with your dish composition, and it's more nourishing and healthier than most side dishes and … Continue reading Easy #partyfood: Bean hummus & roasted peppers

What I learned about food today

I'm on a quest: to eat more healthily, to make food more beautiful and ... to write more about food. So here is what I've learned in the last while:  1. Foods nutritionists eat every day and why on self.com citrus fruit | eggs | porridge | turmeric | tomatoes | dark chocolate | nuts & seeds | hummus | blueberries | hot water with lemon … Continue reading What I learned about food today

“One Man’s Meat” does crab claws with garlic butter

Crab claws recipe

One Man's Meat

Crab claws in garlic butter (7 of 8) I have to give you a little bit of background to this post and the inspiration for this new, occasional series, Ireland’s Greatest Ingredients. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Liam Quinlan. Liam is a Kerryman (nothing wrong with that) and is passionate about the seafood that his family company produces. Liam travelled to Dublin by train. I met him at Huston station and we spent a few hours together. Liam brought me a styrofoam box. “Just some crab and a bit of salmon for you to try.” he said in his self deprecatory way. 

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Happy Hour Basics

On image.ie ‘Tis the season to make cocktails! Start shaking, mixing, stirring with this selection of cool cocktail accessories and utensils. 1. Mason jar cocktail shaker, €43, notfromthehighstreet.com 2. Royal Doulton “Pop in for Drinks” cocktail utensils set, €59, Debenhams 3. Make, Shake, Cocktails recipe book, €8, Littlewoods Ireland 4. LSA Centro Berry Carafe, around €13, House … Continue reading Happy Hour Basics

Allotment Art

A Growing Movement, published on www.image.ie/Living/Making/A-Growing-Movement A lot has been written about allotments lately. It has certainly generated its own little phenomenon on these shores over the last few years. Whether in community and urban gardens or plots of land in the mountainous suburbs, seeds are sown and crops are eaten with family and friends all … Continue reading Allotment Art

Wondruous Whiskey

On image.ie Irish whiskey is having a bit of a moment right now – with a slew of new artisan whiskeys,awards galore, a new world-class whiskey bar in Dublin, plus more and more people are making their own, homebrew-style. Read on for our pick of books and bottles for the whiskey lover in your life, … Continue reading Wondruous Whiskey

In Vino Veritas

On image.ie In vino veritas, the old saying goes and, truth be told, a good wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Welcome to the wine lovers’ – and would-be lovers’ – gift guide: Pour a little magic on proceedings with a beautifully shaped decanter and use this carafe for wine leftovers. Keep it chilled with … Continue reading In Vino Veritas

French Food Fairy

Le French food blog to die for... Béatrice Peltre, the Frenchwoman behind the world-famous blog La Tartine Gourmande calls herself a “food writer, stylist and photographer”, but we think the best description appears in the title of her eponymous cookbook: provider of “recipes for an inspired life”. And inspired you will be reading this blog … Continue reading French Food Fairy

#thebusymumdiet: Tortilla in Ten

Image above: keepinitkind.com I love tortilla, because it's versatile, nourishing and quick to make ... and not particularly spectacular, so why am I writing this? Because I like to make it more quickly than most. I'm one of those people who love to cook, but not every day, mainly for dinner parties, rather than small family … Continue reading #thebusymumdiet: Tortilla in Ten

Interview: Rawesome Recipes

Published on booksgosocial.com One of cookery author Sophie Miller’s first memories is cooking with her mother and grandmother. “I have always loved cooking and watched my mother making her wonderful creations from a very young age. I wrote my first recipes for my sister when she went to college and needed some easy recipes she could … Continue reading Interview: Rawesome Recipes

Boozy Winter Warmers

On image.ie Now that winter is decidedly here, we went looking for appropriate warming recipes. Here’s what we found on the wonderful world of yummy blogs and the almighty Pinterest. Here are seven sinful sippers for a wicked winter! Vandaag's New Amsterdam Toddy YOU WILL NEED For the mulled cider 1 gallon apple cider, try … Continue reading Boozy Winter Warmers

Lazy Morning Food

On image.ie Quick bites and make-ahead treats for weekend mornings and festive breaks... From energy-boosting bites meant to perk up your day to decadent treats to keep warm, here are some food ideas for post-party lazy mornings. Maybe have these before making any resolutions to get out of bed or the house … Rainy day breakfast in … Continue reading Lazy Morning Food

Totally, Yoghurtly Yours

On image.ie This is the easiest dinner party you’ll ever throw… Picture this – you whip up ALL the courses the morning of, you leave them in the oven/fridge, have a relaxing afternoon – and, come evening, a radiating, well-rested host opens the door,apéritif in hand! Sounds good? Here’s how to do it! Make good … Continue reading Totally, Yoghurtly Yours

The Cake Crusaders

http://www.image.ie/People/Loving-Your-Work/The-Cake-Crusaders/ We love writing about interiors – as you know, and thank you for reading us! – and we do love a bit of chocolate as our latest issue can attest … For this chocolate-themed day on Image Interiors & Living, we caught up with Bernard, one half of the Broderick Brothers, to ask him … Continue reading The Cake Crusaders

The Woollen Mills

Published here: www.image.ie/Living/Foodie/The-Woollen-Mills Finally had dinner in The Woollen Mills last week and sampled some of the dishes on the autumn/winter menu of the now famous Ha’Penny Bridge resto ... The décor downstairs is appropriately industrial-cool, with a large open kitchen, and a coffee and desserts counter that are certain to pull in the crowds at … Continue reading The Woollen Mills

All Hail Epicure!

Welcome to Ireland’s epically Epicurean autumn and its busiest foodie weekend! If only we could be in all these places at the same time… Bia Bó Finne | 3-5 October | Inishbofin Starts today, ends Sunday. Get on that ferry! Taste of Monaghan | 3-5 October | Monaghan Also starting today. Last bus to Monaghan leaves Dublin … Continue reading All Hail Epicure!

Taste Of The Sea

On image.ie Fresh scallops at the Kinsale Food Festival 2014 is such a great foodie year for Ireland – festivals for every season, new food markets opened up and down the country, new restaurants getting their well-deserved stars, events every other weekend, and more and more cookery courses advertised. Is Ireland the latest foodie destination … Continue reading Taste Of The Sea

Eat, Make, Watch, Love

Published on image.ie The evenings are getting shorter and darker, and we’re pining for something new and exciting to welcome this alluring autumn vibe. In the spirit of the great voyage of discovery that was Eat, Pray, Love, we go looking for inspiration in ethnic restaurants, exotic cookery lessons and foreign films. The full Swedish breakfast … Continue reading Eat, Make, Watch, Love

Bountiful Harvest

A Chilled Backyard Foodie Gathering on image.ie Behind the scenes at Team Interiors’ casual cookout... To celebrate our love of food and our weakness for a good party, the Image Interiors & Living team threw a backyard harvest feast one sunny August evening… Styling by me. Photography by Nathalie Marquez Courtney Previously published on: @Image_Interiors

The Bastille Deal

on image.ie Bastille Day celebrations hit Dublin with lots of exciting gourmet events taking place in the run-up to the big day on Monday… We love les français for millions of reasons, even if we don’t admit it. Yes, we may grumble at their rudeness in Paris restaurants, complain about Riviera prices – but, honestly, … Continue reading The Bastille Deal