I’ve worked hard to create an attractive but livable interiors suitable to both family life and home entertaining.

URBAN GARDEN: Small can be beautiful

What a great honour to be featured in the Irish Independent on Saturday Gardening Supplement this weekend.   Irish Independent, 10 Mar 2018 ME AND MY GARDEN  Irish Independent DIANA VALENTINE is the owner of interiors store She grows a container garden on the balcony of her fourth-floor apartment in Booterstown, Dublin. She says: “I … Continue reading URBAN GARDEN: Small can be beautiful

A Frightening Feast

Looking for a truly hideous Halloween? Here are some horror-show hand-outs that are cheap, fun, easy to make, and … prepare to be shocked ... hauntingly healthy! I know, frightening!!!

Too Cool For School

The time has come to get the school gear together, and I’ve browsed around for some cool items your little ones and older kids should not go without this September.

Kids’ Parties – What To Do and Not To Do

Remember children’s parties? They used to be easy. You knew what to expect. Everybody seemed to have fun. No one ended up broke after those three to four hours of silly fun. Kids were generally happy with their presents. There were no special dietary requests, no gift suggestions sent weeks in advance, no fancy stationery … Continue reading Kids’ Parties – What To Do and Not To Do

Agony & Ecstasy: A Realist’s Guide to First-Time Motherhood

You can’t really prepare to be a mum and nothing can really prepare you for what motherhood throws at you. Best advice I ever got: “Expect the unexpected!” This is a realist’s guide to expectant motherhood, which might – or might not – help you keep your sanity after birth and beyond. Your newborn will … Continue reading Agony & Ecstasy: A Realist’s Guide to First-Time Motherhood

Daddy Cool

Of course you've remembered it's Father's Day this coming Sunday, right? If you haven't, don't stress – we've done the leg work for you and selected some stylish gifts to please all kinds: sports heads, barbecue experts, gadget lovers and the well-groomed gent. You're welcome! 1. Blue retro radio with iPhone dock, €140, Debenhams 2. … Continue reading Daddy Cool

#instacuteness: Sweet Things & Little Nothings

The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Working from home, hotdesking outside the home and typing away studiously in a an elegant café are all the rage right now in the era of digital nomadism and Dublin's start-up frenzy. But what if you can't afford to pay for the office space and the gourmet coffee? Then you go to the library! Yep … Continue reading The Library: An Office For Me, A Playground for My Child

Play Time

Published on: Eight awesome grown-up games with a retro vibe… There’s lots of outdoor fun to be had this upcoming summer. Here’s my pick of giant retro garden games to take you back to the good old days of your childhood. Kids also welcome! 1. Giant dominoes, €39.90, Uber Games on 2. Sports Day … Continue reading Play Time

Allotment Art

A Growing Movement, published on A lot has been written about allotments lately. It has certainly generated its own little phenomenon on these shores over the last few years. Whether in community and urban gardens or plots of land in the mountainous suburbs, seeds are sown and crops are eaten with family and friends all … Continue reading Allotment Art

Part-Time Power

Published on Whether you work part-time or full-time, you spend the bulk of your weekdays at work… Can the job be done in fewer hours though? Can less really be more? We’re still recovering from a long and debilitating recession, and most of us are congratulating ourselves on having survived the downturn with our employment … Continue reading Part-Time Power

Nimble Fingers

Published on: Spring/summer weekends? School holidays? Wondering what to do with the kids? Well, don’t let the grass grow under your feet!  Weekends and holidays are the perfect chance to introduce your children to gardening. You’ll probably find that getting them into the garden for more than kicking a ball around won’t be that hard (you … Continue reading Nimble Fingers