I am a linguist by profession, and a copywriter by trade, and also hold a technical qualification in digital design. Ex-Facebook, Google-trained and on the creative side of tech, I have worked for both corporations and start-ups in tech and policy roles, and have to date consulted in content and branding design, strategy and management. I make words work for you, and write for multiple industries. Many of my clients are busy small and medium business owners who struggle to find the time and the expertise to create the right tone and content for their web and print copy.

Here is a list of services I provide to help your business increase their digital and PR reach.

diana valentine digital and social media exprt ireland


Conceptualising a brand is not just a logo, tagline or product, it is a foundation on which a business is built upon. It also creates differentiation from the competition, defining attributes and characteristics. This can all be conveyed through the textual messaging your business is disseminating to customers and competitors. The role a digital copywriter plays in a successful content marketing strategy is very important. Copywriting is an opportunity to develop a brand’s tone of voice in depth.

I specialise in SEO-infused lifestyle content as well as technical writing and have experience with crafting copy for both digital and print media. I produce B2B and B2C content for websites and also get involved in structuring website content, planning the user experience, setting an appropriate and consistent tone of voice, ensuring usability, and getting design and text to work together.


I always aim to develop a deep understanding of a client’s business, ideas and goals. This intimate knowledge allows me to produce the right solution that delivers the appropriate impact right to the heart of the target audience. By creating and planning blogs in collaboration with you I can help you to communicate with your ideal customers.

Familiarity, popularity, expectation and loyalty can all stem from a well-engineered brand image and the right type of messaging. I can help make people see what makes your business different, and articulate that difference into words and visuals that can be understood and loved by your audience on different media channels.


Your brand identity is what makes your business unique. I consult on brand design by crafting unique and powerful brand solutions, textually and visually, for both digital channels and the print environment.

Marketing and communications via print media is still important, even in our digital first era. Targeted and strategic print projects are designed to complement the digital offering. I have over the years contributed to or produced corporate brochures, sales and marketing literature, technical documentation and white papers, trade and press advertising materials.


Social media is an extension of your business branding. Your brand identity is one of the first things people see, have an opinion on and remember. Distinguishing yourself from all the other products and services on offer and being the one shared, pinned, liked or favourited, is down to brand awareness, management and relevance on the appropriate social media channels. I help with or produce targeted social media strategy, calendars and posting content.


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One thought on “WORK WITH ME

  1. Hi Diana

    I’m not sure if this would interest you or not? I’m currently looking for somebody with you amazing skill sets to manage our GardenRooms blogs. This is an area i’m passionate about about but have not put the proper resources in place to maintain any sort consistency. Is it something you would consider on a freelance basis? . We operate at the luxury end of the market as we have appeared in all the Irish broadsheets over the last three years, Irish Times, Irish Independent , Sunday Times , Sunday Business Post. Have a look at our website and let me now your thoughts. There is so many different uses to write about for a Garden Room. From a home office to a teen room, home study, music room, home gym. It might be a bit fun. Take care John

    John Sherry
    086 8137625


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