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I’ve recently given an interview to House and Home Magazine on home decorating and how I turned a big hobby into a small business. Tell me what you think …


1.       Tell us about your business and what kind of decor you provide.


Home|Lust Concept,  is a small Dublin-based business that offers a hand-picked selection of timeless and versatile design and home decor pieces for the discerning customer, as well as gift and product sourcing, property styling and staging services for residential properties and commercial settings. I wanted to create a shoppable homedecorating experience where people can do more than just purchase products, a virtual space where people can explore design options, see products featured in real home spaces, and where they can make inspired decor choices. I do this through our interior styling and staging service, pop-up shops and home events, and the store’s multiple award-winning blog, The Lust List

The style that I favour is essentially Scandinavian but much more than the cold, sparse kind of Nordic design you see in trendy magazinesThe store’s motto and basic design concept is “laid-back luxury“, a soft Scandinavian style with lots of colour and eclectic touches. When I source products for the store, I look for clean lines, appealing hues and a versatile, timeless quality about them. 

2.       What’s the best place to start when it comes to creating a decor scheme and choosing accessories for a space?


I always say that one must live in the space for a little while before deciding on a decor scheme. While it may feel daunting, a blank canvas is something to be relished. Start with finding your own favourite style and develop your own decor style according to your family’s needs and use of the individual spaces in the house. 

I find the best and quickest way to make decisions is to create a moodboard for decor styles and colours you want to have in your home. Use Pinterest and other home inspiration platforms to look for products that fit your style. There are lots of online places where you can use virtual design simulators to play around with different options and products. Alternatively, work with an interior designer or a consulting interior stylist to help you put things together into a cohesive home design plan. 

Once the overall design scheme is in place, choose your big pieces, such as sofas, dining suites, sideboards and the like. Finally, shop for accessories that really complement the background decor, and that make you feel good when you enter a room.


3.       What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to choosing decor for their home?

HK Living

In my experience, the biggest decor and design mistakes people make is choosing furniture and colours that do not fit the size and atmosphere of the space. There is a lot of pressure to rush decorating jobs and one has to live with poor decor choices for quite some time. My opinion is that designing and decorating a house is a marathon, not a sprint. Allow yourself time with your new home, observe the lighting patterns, the quirks and corners of the different rooms, really pay attention to how you live and discover what you want from your home. 

In terms of tips on what not to do when doing up one’s house, I would say: don’t follow trends blindly; do choose the right type, shape and size of furniture for your space, according to your real needs and space specifications; try to experiment with colours for your walls and accessories instead of going the safe magnolia or greige way. 


4.       What are your top tips for layering decor pieces around your spaces?


Once you’ve decided on a decor scheme and a dominant style, think of how you use each of the rooms in your home. Create an atmosphere using layering and accessories and let the room fulfil its purpose. For example, a spare room can be used as a down-time space for most the year. As a guest room and a relaxation place, keep the space minimal but make it interesting. Have a basket of soft-textured blankets, a few funky-patterned cushions and a couple of family and holiday mementoes here and there. A single oversized piece of art or a wall gallery of mini-prints can be a great focal point and an opportunity to infuse more personality into the space. 


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