Reimagining interior design trends from across the decades

This is a collaborative post in conjunction with Chill Insurance.

Whether in fashion or interior design we have seen many trends come and go over the past few decades. If you were to look back at the interior of a home in the 1970s and compare it to a modern house in today’s world, you’d be surprised at how styles have changed, and how many styles keep coming back. As we look back over the years and the interior trends that were loved by some many of us, you can see just how much interior design evolved to keep up with the times and changes in society.

Each decade has its own unique take on interior design trends which homes around the nation embraced. The 60s interior style was all about vibrant colours and pop art shapes and patterns, which we’re all now so familiar with as they seem to return again and again.

During more recent times, the 90s brought us the ubiquitous pine furniture, decorative
floor cushions and draped curtains that many of us have grown up with.

With many interior design trends from across the years now coming back in, insurance
company looked at one of the great Irish TV series of all time, the unequalled Father Ted, and reimagined its setting and decor using with some interior design trends from previous decades. You can see them all here. My favourite of these is the midcentury design look.

Historically, midcentury spanned from around the late forties right through the 70s, and remains one of the most timeless and strongest styles in interior design. Its relevance does not seem to have faded over the years, and it is constantly incorporated and reimagined in contemporary home trends. Originally, midcentury consisted of neutral and bright colours paired together, as well as a variety of natural materials being used for furniture and décor. Midcentury style was all about simplicity and adding extra emphasis in one key area of the home, the livingroom. Slimline furniture with pin-like legs was created to deliver a simple and minimalist look to create the illusion of floating elegance and airy spaces. Today’s furniture trends are still strongly influenced by midcentury and midcentury modern interior design which continues to fascinate home decor lovers and influencers of the Instagram and Pinterest generation.

If you’re a fan of design trends and like to keep up to date with all things interior, read my interview with Chill Insurance over on their blog, where I talk about some of my favourite 2019 design trends and my love of midcentury interiors. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the interior styles Chill have created by using #FatherTedReimagined on social media.

In this interview with Chill Insurance Ireland, I talk about my favourite interiors and how to incorporate 2019 decor trends into your home.

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