C L E V E R   D E S I G N S   F O R  T R I C K Y   S P A C E S

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Trying to make the most of our homes’ available space we’ve all had to deal with sharp corners, oddly-shaped alcoves and cramped corridors.

There are many ways to make use of every inch of your home like botanical vignettes in tight corners, a small display stand beside doorways, a cosy reading spot by the treasured bay window alcove. Read on for workarounds for the weirdest, unused spots in your home.





Every house has a number of tricky spaces that defy decorating and none more so than alcoves. Decorative in themselves, you could simply add some art and an interesting lamp to accentuate the shape. But if you are desperate for extra storage and seating, or really need a work/command station in the house, use a discrete floating desk and accent chair to make your bill-paying and household budgeting less taxing.

While alcoves are hard-working odd spaces that are likely to become storage or home offices, attics are the epitome of fun. Make the most of those sloped ceilings and transform your attic into a magical playroom, a regal bedroom or a relaxation oasis. Hang a swing chair or a hammock from the rafters, and make your childhood dream come true.



Every naked room corner in a small to average-sized abode is a space-making opportunity. Transform neglected nooks and sharp corners into useful and inviting spots that make life at home just a little bit better: create stylish storage using a barcart or add an accent chair to create a small seating area that makes a home chic and cosy.

We all have these blank and boring corners in the house where nothing really fits but look really depressing when empty. Turn these unused, difficult-to-decorate spots into eye-catching vignettes with clustered botanical displays; gain empty vertical space with a cute corner cabinet or tall bookcase; or add something very dramatic that brings atmosphere and dimension to the room, like an electric guitar or keyboard on a stand.


ikea 2


Hallways can be truly hellish; they can be dark and narrow and, if you don’t have any built-in storage, cluttered and hard to navigate, especially in the mornings where everyone rushes out. Nevertheless, some stylish super-smart space-saving solutions will help you create an enticing entrance. Once shoes are safely hidden way (a must), add mirrors for light, hang small storage for keys, and slimline hooks and hangers for your clothes. Use the area beside the stairs for extra seating, narrow console tables and some large decorative lamps and artprints, if the space allows. Most of all, keep it simple, airy but interesting; no one wants to be met by a blank hall and scattered shoes.


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Windows, especially the large ornate ones, can be the most beautiful feature in the home. However, they can also be the trickiest. Generally, unless the view is completely undesirable, resist the urge to cover windows entirely, and use them as a focal point for windowsill ornamental displays, a parlour-style reading nook or an old-school writing desk. Treat the large windows as though they’re a theatre stage; accentuate their shape and size with dramatic curtains or elegant seating set-ups for instant sophistication. Frame small windows with a picture gallery, built-in (book)shelves or a narrow table and accessorise with things you love so that the window becomes part of the decor.




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