A Frightening Feast

Looking for a truly hideous Halloween? Here are some horror-show hand-outs that are parent-friendly; all cheap, fun, easy to make, and … prepare to be shocked: hauntingly healthy! I know, scary!!!

There are some very simple food ideas for a nourishing yet scary Halloween spread: freshly-squeezed blood orange juice served in funny jars with store-bought scary straws, acid-green or blood-red slurpies or jello shots, a simple cavolo nero or kale cabbage with black water biscuits and guacamole. But if you really want to make an impression, here are some relatively effortless recipes that you can make ahead so that you can concentrate on decorating the house and getting various costumes on high-wired children on the day. I’ve chosen the recipes below based on these factors: high spookiness, low effort and moderate sugar intake. Enjoy! 

The Children’s Menu | Spooky Savouries 

These are a few spooky savoury suggestions that children will actually enjoy making with you. They are things that you can make ahead and that should keep kids happy and nourished before they tuck into the sweet stuffs.

Get the recipes: Spider pizza | Deviled eggs | Pumpkin fries | Spooky tart | Ghoulish guacamole 

The Children’s Menu | Terrifying Treats  

Let’s face it, you can throw candy at the kids all day long at Halloween, also known as the day when all rules (and other things) get broken, so no one will blame you for doing just that. But, if you want to take things slowly with the sugar, these are a few terrific treats that should keep them happy before all the trick-or-treat hell breaks loose. Again, even younger children could help make these and they are low-sugar alternatives to shop candy – I mean, there is even fruit in there.

Get the recipes: Chocolate cake pops | Meringue ghosts | Candied fruit | Fruit cups | Ghost cupcakes | Pumpkin shooters 

And … for the grown-ups’ party, here is some spooky but elegant fare that your guests will enjoy and Instagram the hell out of.

The Grown-Ups’ Feast and Ghoulish Glam After Hours Party

Get the recipes: Roasted pumpkin seeds | Spiced pumpkin soup | Pumpkin hummus | Black pasta | Black bread | Carrot and red cabbage salad 

And THIS hypnotic spiral tart, which will be a great opportunity for you to use your brand new yummy mummy / cool dad spiralisers and wow the other parents. Oh, please do serve it after the cocktails and poll them on what they see!

Veggie Roulade from Food Republic on Vimeo.

Finally, here is a little helpful advice on how to survive yet another kids’ party. You’re welcome! 

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