Three Ways To A Cool Outdoor Dining Space




Are you wondering whether the good weather is ever coming back? It is! And when it does, here is how to enjoy the warm summer days in-style, with our ideas and product recommendations on styling the coolest outdoor dining space.

Modern Monochrome

The Scandinavians practically invented cool contemporary and the monochrome palette of whites, blacks and greys look really great in a green, natural setting. The combination is pretty and playful, but also quite elegant and cool, and works for traditional backyards, rooftop terraces and back garden decks.

1 modern monochrome


Here are a few products that will help you recreate the look:


Outdoor rocking chair, | Garden table, la | STOCKHOLM cushion and IDYLLISK table-runner, both from IKEA | Garden Shawl, | Quilted Hammock,

Rustic Al Fresco

Here we take inspiration from the beautiful people of Kinfolk, who can do country rustic, without making it look “barnyard country”, and some gorgeous Americana outdoor gatherings that will make you book the first transatlantic flight out.

2 rustic al fresco

Images: | |

For this look, think ceramic and wood dinnerware, blankets, beers and lemonades. A few good suggestions for your upcoming rustic outdoor do below:


Teak garden table, | Wool blanket, |Salad bowl and coconut wood utensils, both from , | Slate serving tray,

Low Boho

A friendly outdoor gathering, an open-air wedding, or just a regular night in (but outdoors)? Bohemian garden decor is the prettiest. Get a low table or put a number of pallets together, decorate with lots of colourful textile accessories, add some Oriental touches and mismatched dinnerware, and there you have it: your very own Arabian Nights outdoor party.

3 low boho

Images: | |

Here are some Bohemian-style products we’ve found to help you along:


Outdoor cushion and bamboo table set, both on | Outdoor ottoman, | Garden rug, | Boho hanging mirrors, | Embossed metal tray,

Finally, some easy entertaining tips:

  • Use cutting boards as serving trays for that warm rustic touch. And one less dish to wash.
  • Where there’s no fire, there’s no fun. Grill up your favorite vegetables and meats and get everyone to help.
  • Decorate your outdoor space with lots of natural-texture, colourful textiles, festoon lights, flowers, greenery and candles.
  • Recycle: old mason jars, lemonade bottles, zinc planters, raffia mats – these are the essential components of a laid-back outdoor gathering.
  • Durability is key: everything from your seating pads to your dinnerware need to be break and weather-proof.
  • Shade and shield: a weatherproof umbrella will keep you both sunsafe and dry; and have blankets at the ready. Because you live in Ireland.
  • Make everything ahead (some recipes here) – except for the fireside cooking extravaganza – and concentrate on cocktails only for the rest of the night.

low boho

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