#urbangarden: Green In The City

Bring the outside in and keep it smart with these ingenious ideas for small outdoor areas:

1. A tiny but charming dining nook in a corner of your little terrace (Houzz)

2. A travel-inspired, geometrically-playful outside area on apartmenttherapy.com

3. Build a loft deck and go wild with decorating and planting like in this Houzztour

 4. If you live in a city cottage or mews and you have a minuscule outside area (House & Garden). I’m looking at you Dublin City people…

5. Quite literally, a green balcony box and your choice of lounging device:

6. Increase your urban appeal. Good weather a-coming, outdoor dining is a must:

7. If you want to keep it Zen, try this cool monochrome outdoor space:


Effortless: two pots and a canopy balcony garden …


How to do this and more from Mark Grehan on image.ie and his own blog

For more inspiration, see my Urban Garden board on Pinterest.

Useful resources if you are ready for a green summer project:

The Balcony Gardener book and blog

Small-Space Container Gardens

Love gardening and ready for the outdoor living season?

Read more here: 

water features | community gardening | Irish gardens | French gardens

outdoor living ideas | outdoor entertaining | seasonal food | #Pinterest #outdoorliving 

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