Illustration Nation: How to decorate with prints

Published on Quirky Prints For Your Home


One of the easiest – and cheapest – ways to make changes to your decor and add a little personality to your home is by purchasing some pretty prints. Illustrations and stencil work are having a moment in the Irish creative industries right now, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Liven up your home with our eclectic mix of the best prints around:

  1. Contemporary poster print of Irish woodland animals in geometric earthy tones (choose between: fox, hare, stag). Simple, trendy and gorgeous, they come in different sizes from €10 on

1. stencilize

  1. The title of this print is “Cycling in the city in the summer thinking of love” and is by artist Ursula Celano. Very fitting. As of two days ago. €30 from

2. damn fine print

  1. The quirky “Muscle Man” is a hand-made illustration by an artist who believes that “every single person should have a piece of art that makes them smile”. Job done, we think! €20 from

3. april

4. “My Goodness” is the right title for this pop-art-meets-urban-psychedelia illustration of St James’Gate Dublin at night (of which the weirdest element is probably the starlit sky) from Sketchy Inc. €25

4. rua

  1. This is a cheeky one that you may confine to the bathroom, but that would be blasphemy. On the other hand, it comes out just in time for Bloomsday, so all true Joyceans are invited to get one. By At It Again prints, it costs €15 from

5. designist

6. Self-explanatory and in cute pastels. Who can resist this one? “Catzilla” large giclee print on canvas; €99,99 from

6. allposters

Ready to hang that quirky wall art? Here’s some advice:

  1. Try mixing your prints with photos and paintings. It will make an interesting wall gallery.

  2. Place your illustrations (or gallery) above or beside your neutral furniture pieces, like your black sofa or your blond wood storage chest.

  3. One of the best rooms to decorate with prints is your bathroom – the hard, plain fixtures will provide the perfect background.

  4. Pick a theme. Make it seasonal. Change it up. Have a selection of prints that you can swap around to help you sail through the seasons.

  5. If you are into statement art … or just big statements, illustrations are the best way to go. Slogans, metaphors, funny quotes – they are all just a frame away!

  6. Have fun! This is not high-concept art. Choose the illustration that makes your grumpy, sleepy self smile as you first enter the kitchen every morning.

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