Paper Art

There is origami, and then there is paper sculpture.

Just  discovered the work of American Stephanie Beck, paper artist. She creates sculptural paper compositions of imagined urban landscapes, all featuring multitudes of handcrafted small-scale paper shapes and structures that are cut and glued together. By hand.

“My work is inspired by images of archaeological sites, architectural history, aerial photos and my own explorations through various cities. My strongest influence at the moment is the city where I currently live, Philadelphia, where buildings are in a constant state of construction and destruction. I enjoy seeing the bones of these structures, on top of which strong skin is hung, yet which is so easily torn down again. I see these buildings as surrogates for ourselves, revealing our attempts at order and stability despite, or because of, our very human frailties. But secretly, I am most driven by a sense of wonder and play.”

What do you think?

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