Cinematic Cravings

Are you a big film fan, love food but can’t cook to save your life? Or perhaps you are just lacking motivation in the kitchen lately? One of the best ways to get in the mood for cooking, get over your fear and learn a few things is to watch cookery programmes and YouTube recipe videos. But I suggest something even better: a foodie movie marathon. Do this over a weekend (I see a lot of rainy ones in our future) and I guarantee your culinary life will change forever … 

Foodie films are more than culinary porn; they will also give you a taste of the exotic, that going-away feeling and probably make you eat more foreign dishes. Save for travel, one of the best ways to discover new cultures is food, so snuggle up on your sofa with your gourmet hot cocoa (remember the Mayan recipe from Chocolat?) or elaborate latte and watch these evocative beauties over the next rainy or lazy weekend: 

1 poster

Babette’s Feast | I Am Love | Vatel | Eden | Big Night | Like Water for Chocolate | Couscous | Tampopo

A selection of intense (women in the kitchen!) and instructional (women in the kitchen!) movies, most of which are on Netflix: 

Julie and Julia | No Reservations | Chocolat | Eat, Pray, Love | Mostly Martha | Waitress | The Hundred-Foot Journey

For the little people:

Ratatouille (your kids will magically decide to eat everything, at meal times and cook around the clock) | 
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs | The original Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory | and the more recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Less known but equally scrumptious foodie arthouse gems where food meets romance:

 Haute Cuisine | Romantics Anonymous | The Lunchbox | Eat Drink Man Woman

Soul food and sunshine wine from America

Fried Green Tomatoes |  Chef | Soul Food | Bottle Shock | Sideways

If you’re eager to stir things up in the kitchen and you’re ready to do a Julie and Julia, have a look at the current courses of these Irish cookery schools:Dublin Cookery School (Middle Eastern, South Asian) | Cooks Academy (Spanish, Japanese) | Ballyknocken Cookery School (Southern Italian) | Montys of Kathmandu(Nepalese) | Andrew Rudd Cookery Classes (Thai, Mexican) | The Irish Cookery School (French, Indian). To get your ingredients, follow the Silk Road to Dublin’s exotic food and spice stores here: Asia Market, The Mexican Shop, Spiceland and IKEA Food, or go for a stroll on Moore Street.

Read my selection of lazy weekend/holiday food recipes.

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