Paint Power


Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform your home: the options are limitless, the costs minimal and the satisfaction a given ...

How you choose your colours from space to space throughout your home will depend on the mood you want to set, the décor you already have and the style you want to project.

Living and dining-room ideas from Crown (left) and Farrow & Ball (right)

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Colour affects mood. For each room in your house, choose colours that make you feel good and are suitable for the space.
  • There is a science to painting a room. If you want to make rooms appear larger and brighter, choose light colours. You want the room to make a strong impression? Think accent walls. If dark doesn’t scare you, autumn/winter colours are great. Contrasting colours project energy.
  • Background paint colour – be it for walls, floors or big furniture items – is meant to showcaseyour furniture and decorative objects. Make sure everything matches and nothing clashes.
  • Lighting is important: natural light shows the truest colour, while artificial light only brings out certain shades.
  • Go step by step. Start small and experiment with different shades and finishes to get it right. Use a wall for testing out different hues and colour combinations. Play with the online simulator tools provided by all major suppliers’ sites. Pinterest your way to the perfect colour scheme.

Seasonal bathroom shades from Dulux (left) and Little Greene (middle and right)

Below we pick our favourite shades and look at the latest paint trends from the best brands available in Ireland:

Green “Boxington” from Little Greene. Click here for your nearest stockist.

Yellow “Organic Mustard” from Crown

Red “Burmese Ruby” from Dulux

Grey “Silver Moonlight” from Colortrend

Blue “Duck Egg” from Annie Sloan. Look for an Irish stockist here.

White “Skimming Stone” from Farrow & Ball

Heavenly hallway colours from Little Greene (left) and Crown (right)

Do you aim for brightness, warmth or playful contrasts? To help you with your painting adventure, we’ve put together this pretty paints Pinterest board.

Kitchen inspiration with hues from Dulux (left) and Little Greene (right)

Paint power on Pinterest

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