#whatsinseason: Pretty Peonies

What’s in season in the world of flowers? Peonies are in season!


Fun facts about peonies:

  • They are the Chinese “king of the flowers” and the floral symbol of China. When Marco Polo discovered them there, he described them as “roses as big as cabbages”.

  • Some cultures celebrate them as symbols feminine beauty, good fortune and a happy marriage (which is why they are a popular bridal bouquet flower for spring and summer weddings.

  • They come in all colours but blue.

  • Pink peonies are the most fragrant.

  • They are probably the easiest paper faux flower you can make.

  • Fashion loves peonies this season.

Enjoy their flamboyant fluffiness in this little gallery of peony products and projects:

Freshly cut peonies | How to make paper peonies | Floral-animal print | Dreamy pillow case | Peony skirt – who knew? | Paper peony garland/curtain | Beautiful bridal crown | Peonies bag at Ted Baker

See some more magnificent floral art here

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