Irish Gardens

A selection of the best gardens from the house tours...

An inspiring gallery of gorgeous gardens from the #ImageInteriors house tour archives.

1. An outdoor-indoor garden area in a renovated mews in London’s Hackney. | 2. An inviting penthouse garden with a view of the Dublin Docklands.| 3. A beautiful example of rustic topiary in Cork. | 4. A beach-dune style seaside cottage garden in Sligo. | 5. A rooftop garden in a hip Dublin 8 apartment. | 6. A garden with a view of the beach in Portstewart. | 7. A kitchen garden at the former Ardhavannagh army barracks (above). | 8. A gardener’s garden in a 1930s bungalow. | 9. An enchanted garden in an historic house in Blackrock. | 10. And, finally, the garden by the lake at Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara.

For more inspiration and instant relaxation, browse this Pinterest garden board.

Now, prepare to be transported to the magnificent gardens of France.

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