What I learned about food today

I’m on a quest: to eat more healthily, to make food more beautiful and … to write more about food. So here is what I’ve learned in the last while: 

1. Foods nutritionists eat every day and why on self.com

citrus fruit | eggs | porridge | turmeric | tomatoes | dark chocolate | nuts & seeds | hummus | blueberries | hot water with lemon

2. Good food helps islanders live longer. By eating: more greens | no processed food | beans and pulses | less meat | nothing in excess. Longevity-boosting food from Sardinia includes: goat’s milk and sheep’s milk | flat bread | barley | sourdough bread | fennel | fava beans | chickpeas | tomatoes | almonds | milk thistle | red wine. 

Jake Whitman / TODAY

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