Storage Stories

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If you want to get organised, remember these points, then click through our gallery below for stylish storage solutions from top world designers…

1. Verticality. Elevate, don’t bulk up. If you are adding storage, it’s to save space, so add height, not volume. Don’t buy chunky storage – you’ll just go from a messy area to a clearer space with less room to live in.

2. Practicality. Choose storage that fits the purpose and the items, not a trend.

3. Flexibility. Try repurposing old items, and think ahead; as circumstances change, storage will need to change – choose something that can become something else.

4. Consonance (related to point 1). When choosing the right storage, the purpose is to integrate it seamlessly into your décor. Therefore, incorporate it; don’t add to the room.

5. Style. Pick something that is timeless and that fits the rest of the room, whether it’s plastic, metal or wood.

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