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Eight awesome grown-up games with a retro vibe…

There’s lots of outdoor fun to be had this upcoming summer. Here’s my pick of giant retro garden games to take you back to the good old days of your childhood. Kids also welcome!

1. Giant dominoes, €39.90, Uber Games on

2. Sports Day potato sack race set, around €25,

3. Boules set, €23,

4. Croquet set, €139,

5. Pair of wooden stilts, €21.73,

6. Outdoor giant tension tower, now €25.59, Chad Valley on

7. Fantasy garden swing, now €14.95,

8. Rainbow gymnastics ribbon twirler, around €6, GoKi on

Stay outdoors and get them kids to garden with you. They’ll love it (promise)! 

Gardening with kids

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