Greys, Metallics & Colour Pops

I love to have lots of grey in my home, especially for large background or furniture pieces, and wrote about a grey-mazing house recently, but always feel it needs a bit of colour and some metallic accents. This is my weekly covet list (some items were recently featured in the latest IMAGE Interiors & Living magazine), built around my latest interiors store crush, Rose & Grey, and beloved usual suspects, such as IKEA.

Enjoy, let me know what you think, and click on the liks below this gallery to see where to get these beauties!

Where to get these:

Nordic Elements | Olive Bonas | Moss Cottage | Toger Stores | IKEA

Rose & Grey: Side table | Dining table | Brass bowls | Soup spoons

Muji | Seven Wood | Article | April and the Bear

What do you think?

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