Steps to Heaven


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Here we scale the dizzying heights of ladders’ elegance and usefulness about the home…

Fun and functional, it’s no wonder that ladders are having a moment. They’ve been filling up our Pinterest feed for quite some time now, so we’ve rounded up the different brilliant ways they could work in your home.

We love this library, which makes excellent and beautiful use of a single, two-level ladder.

Take the ladders outside, add vast quantities of greenery and whimsical objects, for a beautiful ladder centrepiece. Get the tutorial here.

Ready to ladder up your home? Here are a few pretty products we’ve found…

Get inspired by the offerings from our friends down under at (below).

For local Ireland alternatives, check out Industry, Neptune, Vobe Interiors, or The Blue Door

Oh, and there’s a bonus for cat owners. Cats love ladders; ladders make cats happy (two facts backed by science), so here’s to kitty ladders

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