Cute Cuddle Rooms

Don’t want your children’s room to look exactly like page X of brand catalogue Y? Me neither! Here are some adorable, mostly DIY, marvelously ingenious kids’ projects from creative mums and dads from around the world.
Some of these come with tutorials and they are super-easy – and reassuringly cheap – to make (so, no excuses!) using items from the hardware store, a small toolbox (if at all), cheap and pretty IKEA bits and your own imagination.
Here’s how to play Alice in Wonderland with kids’ decor:

Nordic Playfulness: girl playhouse on
This creative Norwegian mum and DIY enthusiast built this dream house for her daughter, using a simple wooden frame and decorative items from Nordic children’s stores you will adore:

White and Black IKEA Hack: little kids’ “salon” on
This site is a collection of seriously addictive and painfully beautiful “cuddle room” tours. Above is a Scandinavian-style, Australian-made nursery room for one very lucky baby Chet. Suppliers and ideas how to recreate the look here. For modern nursery styles, check out this Pinterest board.

Little Urbanites: brownstone bookcase on
If your little is one of those young city slickers who could read before they could ride a bike, this elegant little bookcase is for them. It’s made by Land of Nod, who “design for kids and people that used to be kids”, but if you are not willing to spend USD600 + shipping, a good local carpenter should be all too happy to do it. Read their blog for great tips from real mums:

Pretty in Pink: cosy reading nook on
This little house is a DIY job by Finnish mum Pinja from (ha!), and comes with its own tutorial. Google translate this page and you’re good to go. A great weekend project with your kid!

Outdoor Originals: simple and neat kids’ pallet swing


Famous design-loving Italian mamma and IKEA hacking expert,  of has been posting delightful daily home projects for almost a decade – when does she find the time? 

Scandi-style nursery on


Spanish mum Macarena (yes, that’s her real name!) put this little habitacion together for her son, Mateo. And for interested parties, she put together this list of stockists that will help you recreate this considered-slash-playful modern nursery.

Magnificently simple mudroom on


This is easy: buy some paints, get some IKEA step stools, watch the video, make! 

Dollhouse DIY: using IKEA Kallax case and Limmaland stickers


This is a project DIY-challenged mums and dads love to do, as it involves no nailing and no need to mess with the toolbox. 

Playful Little Palais: a playhouse from


Just another splendidly simple project by German jet-setting mum Peggy, who “could re-decorate, design and “build” a new kids room every day”. And she does most days here. Read her kids-in-tow city guides here.

Have you got a project you’re proud of?

What do you think?

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