French Food Fairy

Béatrice Peltre, the Frenchwoman behind the world-famous blog La Tartine Gourmande calls herself a “food writer, stylist and photographer”, but we think the best description appears in the title of her eponymous cookbook: provider of “recipes for an inspired life”. And inspired you will be reading this blog and marvelling at how how effortlessly Béa makes beautiful food.

Originally from Northwestern France, and a teacher/translator by profession, Béa is now one of the notable – and Martha Stewart-approved – French chefs on the US East Coast, having started blogging about food, her utmost obsession, around 2005.

She cooks the same way she lives: honestly, healthily, beautifully – hence the blog name, which she explains here. La Tartine Gourmande book is a collection of favourite comfort dishes using her go-to ingredients – think vanilla, saffron, cumin, coriander, and lime – and stories from her blog.Your Foodie Muse

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