Water World

Wow your neighbours with a wonderful garden water feature…

Gardens are in bloom, courtyards are the new sitting rooms, and we are quite taken with what you can do with water outdoors. Whether you have a house garden or balcony box, a splash of H2O can make your outdoor space feel super-zen or wild and playful. Here are our top Pinterest picks of the most inviting water features around…

1. Add a little feng shui to your life with a simple pool of water. | 2. Hard to believe a pool this gorgeous is man-made. | 3. But sometimes all you really need to make a garden look pretty is a big old trough. | 4. You may be all over bird baths but what about a sweet butterfly feeder? | 5. This cool courtyard works really well in an urban environment. | 6. Living in an apartment? Fear not, this cool hack called pond box means you can have a minipond, whatever floor you live on. | 7. Rainwater is an incredible resource, so make the most of it with some nice-looking rain barrels. | 8. Finally, if all you want to use water for is to relax, why not try a stone Jacuzzi? Cocktails not included, but have a look here for suggestions.

Loving these pins? Have a look at this board for tons more inspiration … 

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