Lemons & Limes

Zesty yellows and greens are making a comeback on the runway and in interiors trends (have they ever left, really?!) The best citrus pieces tend to be pop-out ceramics, accent pieces and kitchenware, so here are some cheerful homewares and accessories to add that cupcakes and lemonade feeling to your interiors:

If you feel that citrus is a bit too much, go for muted yellows and lime-greens and pair with greys, browns and cold blues.

Summer is around the corner, so don’t forget your bare necessities for this year’s outdoor living season:

Tip: citrus and storage a good pairing makes. Don’t go for boring organisers:

If nothing else works, just add some bright colour to the floor:

Still too bright? Stick to daffs:

Click on the picture below for tips on how to add a bit of sunshine yellow to the kids’ room. Donna Wilson_Sunshine Cushion1

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