Flower Power

This is flowers to the power of ten! At least! 

Flower installations, part of this new wonderful trend of bringing the outside in, are a powerful thing …

The first one I came across was a project of Tokyo’s Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Still haven’t have enough of the Japanese cherry blossom images in my social media feed, so I was keen to take it to the next level and enjoy the Floating Flower Garden interactive exhibition videos. It seems that scientists, not Dutch gardeners, do flowers best: visitors can immerse themselves among 2,300 suspended flowers blooming in a vast white space inside the exhibition. Play this after your evening yoga session.

And then have a look at the the works and projects of floral artist Rebecca Louse Law for the likes of: HermesJimmy ChooJo MaloneOgniskoRichard AndersonSipsmithTiffany & Co …


This is how she does it:

More artworks and exhibits at rebeccalouiselaw.com You’ll be there a while …


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