Collectors’ Homes


In the latest IMAGE INTERIORS home gallery, a few proud Irish homeowners tell us about their love for vintage.

Victorian Flair: Josephine Ryan of Explore this tour of a Restoration-style house, full of high-end antiques that complete an awe-inspiring, sumptuous interior: “I only buy what I love and would want to keep in my own home and, luckily for me, for over 20 years now, other people have wanted to buy what I find – so my own home is not too cluttered!”

Vintage Cool: Wendy Crawford of In her house, Wendy creates a vintage atmosphere without losing the quintessentially cool spirit present in her shop, Scout. “I like stuff, but it is curated. When you’re on the look-out, you do develop a filter. You might go to a [flea]market and your mind scans across a hundred things and you see just two things you like.” There isn’t a whole lot of new in Wendy’s house, as she readily admits, “It doesn’t draw me the way older stuff does.”

Shabby Chic: Bee Chambers of Bee’s magpie eye for eclectic pieces that draw the eye resulted in “mixing and matching different styles. I tend to buy pieces that I love and make them fit in. I will search for months and even years to get the right thing and I tend to hang onto things as they are rarely impulse buys.”

Vintage Contemporary: Pearl Collins of Finally, learn how to integrate antiques into a contemporary-style home from Pearl’s house, where the larger pieces have come via a plethora of antiques housesfrom across Europe – she saw nothing before she bought it. “I was like a kid in a sweetshop the day they were delivered. Everything I had bought from the Continent was stored with an antiques company in England, some for more than two years.”

Homely & Traditional: Rory O’Connell’s farmhouse Rory’s effortlessly stylish early-Georgian farmhouse in tranquil and picturesque Ballycotton is an amazing mixture of old and modern. Lots of items from his extensive travels dot the house, and everywhere there are salvaged and fleamarket finds. The little red cabinet came from Tipperary. “It’s filled with rubbish. It’s kind of like my cabinet of curiosities.” Rory discovered the pot stand when he was out on a drive, while the storage unit was found in a shed.

Shop for your future antiques collection in your nearest fleamarket or browse around Dublin’s best vintage shops.

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