Fairy Fiends


I’ve always wanted to have a fairy door tree and, when I came across from this lovely post from Grammarly here (Every year on February 26th, Tell a Fairy Tale Day celebrates the art of storytelling), it made me think of all the fairy stories of my childhood. So, Fairy Day was some time ago, and it took me a long while to look for and decide on my favourite fairies, but I think I have them: 

Daphne (right) – the Greek wood nymph and muse of daphnepoetry who became the laurel tree … “Her feet she found / Benumbed with cold, and fastened to the ground, / A filmy rind about her body grows, / Her hair to leaves, her arms extend to boughs, / The nymph is all into a laurel gone, / The smoothness of her skin remains alone; / To whom the God: / “Because thou canst not be / My mistress, I espouse thee for my tree; / Be thou the prize of honour and renown, / The deathless poet and the poem crown! / Thou shalt the Roman festivals adorn, / And after poets, be by victors worn! / Thou shalt returning Cæsar’s triumph grace, / When pomp shall in a long procession pass; / Wreathed on the posts before his palace wait, / And be the sacred guardian of the gate; / Secure from thunder and unharmed by Jove, / Unfading as the immortal powers above; / And as the locks of Phœbus are unshorn / So shall perpetual green thy boughs adorn.” by the poet Ovidiele

Iele (left) Romanian mythological creatures. Love them because they are wicked, dance until their feet and the ground beneath catch fire and they are feared (because fearing a female fairy never did no one any harm … )

Galadriel – the ever sensible, astute and kick-ass fairy queen:LOTR Fellowship of the Ring 312

Felt Fairies In addition to being a fairy feminist, I have a life-long fascination with fairy dresses and beautiful capes, and then I discover these magical things on a Lithuanian blog that belongs to a feltmaker extraordinaire (gallery of Etsy products below):

Talking about magical things, do you know how old Alice in Wonderland is?


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