Artful Arrangements

I followed some on my own advice here , and the tips in this Remodelista post to create these little artful displays with only the things already at hand in my living room. I used a mix of antiques, contemporary items, IKEA and custom-made frames to create three separate displays on three walls of my living room using symmetry of colour, lines and motif.


Top left: a Paris building blueprint and two cityscapes (old Adelaide City and a Dali-style depiction of desolate suburbia) plus a mini Iranian door model (a friend’s wedding invitation, in fact). The theme was ‘Cities’. There is a separate industrial-looking, hanging plant display formed of two cages and an IKEA hanging pot.

Top right: a Paris building blueprint, a Venetian mask, a cityscape charcoal, a black-and-white photo-composite from Blow magazine. The theme was ‘Museum’. Bottom right: a closer shot of the same above.

Bottom left: this is a bit of a funereal wall, in retrospect, but somehow works and generates more interest than any of the other displays. It comprises three photos of typical Victorian child portrait shots, a Da Vinci reproduction/print of the original red chalk self-portrait, a 1950s photo composite from the same Blow magazine and a small Russian display plate. The theme was ‘History of the World’, and was meant to be a large gallery wall, so: to be continued …

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