An Education

10953650_346755395526023_1661308933_nToday I bid ‘Good-bye!’ to the IMAGE Interiors & Living and I worked with the best interiors & lifestyle team in the land, and it’s probably the job in which I’ve learned the most in my ten-year career.

I looked at a lot of pretty things, wrote a lot of words, debated a lot of commas and hyphens, fired out a lot of tweets and spreadsheets, made a lot of lemonade, and – my God! – I ate a lot of cake. Sorry you’ve had to put up with my Latin quotes, the odd French phrases and Italian words that somehow made it into my articles, the literary obscure references and … the healthy food.

So, ‘Good-bye!’ to Nathalie – an awe-inspiring editor, Sharon – exquisite wordsmith and mistress of puns and alliterations, Marlene – the one with an onvergeetlike name and an ongeëwenaarde eye, and Sheenagh – the artist with beautiful hands and ultimate taste.

It has been quite a ride and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Read you all soon!

#officelife @Image_Interiors

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