Five Fabulous Feng Shui Bathrooms

In today’s gallery on IMAGE INTERIORS, we focus on the all-important bathroom. Below we pick the most artful, inspiring and calming bathspaces from THE IMAGE house tours

< The statuary marble for the flooring and parts of the walls in the bathroom below is an unusual and sophisticated choice. Tour the rest of the house to see how a cleverly designed, sophisticated layout can be functional, and how every item in it has a designated home – even the toilet roll sits snugly it its perfectly carved ledge in this bathroom.

> The owners of this house are interior and spatial designers and like nothing better than taking a completely derelict space and breathing new life into it. An emotionally invested experiment for the couple, this Victorian ground-floor flat with courtyard garden features a bathroom that looks a little like an experimental art exhibition space.

< In one of our favourite surf destinations in Ireland, Strandhill, Co. Sligo, lies a renovated cottage that marries industrial brutalism and a chic cottage feel beautifully. Take the bathroom for example: cutting-edge double waterfall showers set off by reclaimed wood panels, a cast-iron bath and the odd vintage ceramic piece.

> The use of enigmatic, deep, dark shades in this Sandymount home is fantastic, transforming the entire house into a rich, sophisticated space that looks particularly tantalising by night, when it twinkles with lamps, candles and fairylights. The bathroom is no exception – calming, sophisticated, inviting.

< The fifth and final bathroom comes from one of our latest house tours – an industrial and elegant factory-style apartment in France’s Alsace. This repurposed property comprises this naughtily artful bathroom that looks just… divinely decadent.

Browse other room galleries here.

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