Woollen Comforts

Ah, yes, winter is here, and we’re feeling gooooood about it! Woolly slipper socks, an open fire, comfort food … and stylish winter textile pieces that will make your guests gasp with envy and make you sigh with pleasure …

We’ve browsed around for the best winter wonders, and, boy, did we find some warmingly beautiful things. Here are the latest tantalisingly tactile textile trends to delve into.

This winter is all about muted but rich colours and interesting geometry…

Winter patterns are all about dots, spots and lattice lines

Woodland creatures are here to stay. Foxes are the new kittens, baby owls put everyone in a good mood, and here’s to penguins and badgers, too…

There are fewer than 50 sleeps till Christmas, so time to get festive with merry berry colours…

This is the lazy season – so, unhook the telephone, add some comfort food and winter warmers, and have yourself a wickedly cosy hibernation.

For stockists and prices, see the gallery below:

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