Taste Of The Sea

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Fresh scallops at the Kinsale Food Festival

2014 is such a great foodie year for Ireland – festivals for every season, new food markets opened up and down the country, new restaurants getting their well-deserved stars, events every other weekend, and more and more cookery courses advertised. Is Ireland the latest foodie destination in Europe? We think so! These autumn seafood festivals are only the latest must-gos for gourmet lovers:

Laying out the Galway native oysters

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival | September 26-28 The world’s longest-running oyster festival includes the Best Dressed Lady competition, a Street Party in the Latin Quarter and the Guinness World Oyster Championships. So, dress up and meet you there!

The Dingle Peninsula Food Festival | October 3-5 Ireland’s Best Foodie Town and home to some of the country’s top seafood restaurants wants to head west to sample the catch of the day and more on the Dingle Taste Trail.

Kinsale Gourmet Festival | October 10-12 Shell crackers at the ready! It’s cockles and mussels … and lobsters, oysters, prawns and lots more at the famous Fruits de Mer Luncheon.

A seafood feast at the Kinsale Food Festival

If you have a great seafood eatery or recipe recommendation, give us a shout on Twitter, and send us your foodie Instagrams on Facebook.

Can’t make it all the way to the West Coast? Head down to Dún Laoghaire pier for your fish fix. Meanwhile, I’ll let you ponder on the great man Hemingway’s musing on aquatic life:  “The setting of the sun is a difficult time for all fish.” (The Old Man and the Sea)

The Fish Shack on Dún Laoghaire’s East Pier

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