School Style

It’s late August, almost back to school, and pretty notebooks and shiny pens have begun to catch our eyes…

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The time has come to get the school gear together, and we’ve browsed around for some cool items your little ones and older kids should not go without this September.

First thing’s first. The schoolbag. Lots of serious contenders out there, but we’ve gone for these: the cutie (Red Herring bow backpack, €48 at Debenhams), the cartoon (Despicable Me backpack, €27, Littlewoods), and one that would not cause that much controversy in the big yard (Aztec backpack, around €30, Paperchase).

Get all their gear together in a funky-looking holdall for little monkeys (Paul Frank monkey holdall, €33, Debenhams) and a seriously sporty one (Adidas F50, €35, Elverys Sports) for kids past their cartoon character phase.

The kids need to look cool in the cafeteria, too, so they need the right lunchbox. The more interesting, the better – this is a humorous one (Smaska lunchbox, €4, IKEA), and this is for the older, style-conscious foodies (Snack Box Lunch Boxes, €14.50, Harvey Norman).

And now for the all-important stationery… Want our advice on notebooks? Let them choose the one they like – whether it’s a sensible one (Eason Exercise Books, €3.99) or one in pretty prints (Marlene West notebook, €2.99). Everything else is less problematic and thankfully cheap. They’ll need a compass (Junior compass and pencil, €0.90), a maths set(Tiger Stores, €2), the art box (Argos 80-pc set, now €23.99), a pencil case (Tools of a Genius pencil case, €8.84), and lots and lots of not boring pens (Silly Smilz Pen, €0.46).

While you’re at it, why don’t you give their room a makeover with a brand new desk (Bloq Desk, now around €280) and bookcase (Kallax shelving unit, €35, IKEA)?

Now, we’re not in the habit of making fashion recommendations to kids, but these shoes – for boys (Kickers, from €64) and girls (Dr Martens Mary Janes, €45) – score high on both style and comfort.

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