Glamp It Up!

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic about childhood camping hols, are headed to a festival or simply want to set up something fun in the garden for the kids, this is some great gear for a memorable sleep under the stars. 

1. Cocoon canvas hanging tent, from around €310, The Forest & Co

2. Yellowstone Snowdonia cook set, €45, Littlewoods

3. Ashley Thomas sandwich tray, €12, Debenhams

4. Win Green play tent, around €127, Cuckooland

5. Mookie Catcherball set, €8, Halfords

6. Cast-iron brazier, €95, Howbert & Mays

7. Kalas pack of six plates, €1.35, Ikea

8. Bang Bang Tents solar-powered Machu Picchu tent, around €240,

9. Hammock-in-a-bag, €15, Tiger

What do you think?

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